Why YouTube Is Important For eCommerce Business? How to earn money with Youtube video? (428)

Why YouTube Is Important For eCommerce Business? YouTube added a new dimension in video marketing for online businesses.  Nowadays video has become an integral part of internet using experience for every viewer. No site hosts more videos than YouTube and made this network world’s second most visited site.  Read and learn, Why youtube is important for your ecommerce small business.

The exact figure can be more, but on an average three million visitors hit YouTube every day. This is one of the excellent place for online marketers for finding their potential  consumers. A numerous amount of  visitors (70 percent) originates from all around the world, because of its easy access. That gives you the freedom to think globally. So you don’t need to be obsessed with the US traffics only, now you are a marketer of the world.

Why YouTube Is Important For eCommerce Business?

Over the past few decades with the  fast growth of the internet and its availability, the marketing specialist thrown in a challenge to change their marketing strategies. The internet was able to shift the prime focus of marketing from Television to the computer screen. Smart marketing tricks are important for every business planners no matter how small or big his business size is. Not only eCommerce business, but YouTube has become a crucial factor of marketing for every kind of business.

How YouTube is gaining popularity quickly? The answer is pretty simple. If a picture can tell a thousand words, a video can speak even more. Although the initial purpose of YouTube is to share short videos with people. But over the years, it has become a strong tool of education, business and  entertainment.

If you want prospect in your business, you need to put a lot of effort. You have to make sure your brand messages are reaching to your targeted consumers. YouTube is the most important tools for your brand promotion.


  • Own Channels: On YouTube you can host your own channel without any kind of payment. This is a big platform for centralizing your online location. You can create your own videos relevant to your products and services. If you want to host a brand channel, then you need to pay a fee. The fee is very much reasonable and gives you more features and more options to improve your page.
  • Popularize your brand: If you want to get into a new market with a particular product. All you need to create some awesome videos of the products you have and show the benefits of it. If you can be creative in making videos, you will soon find many people are liking your video. That will surely increase the popularity of your brand and increase sales.
  • Easy Sharing: Sometimes if your business is in initial level or you have limitation of budget. So that you cannot reach to remote consumers located far from you. It might not be possible to share your business Ads. In this situation YouTube is the best tool for easy sharing.


  • Feedback from consumers: Even if you are not ready with your business. Make some video and upload it. You can use YouTube to see the primary response of your products. How the product can make a difference in the future. It will be nearly impossible to find such a big community of 500 million users to gather high quality product reviews.
  • Get maximum visibility: Surely uploading more and more videos of your brand will increase your presence online. If you are not able to create your own video for any constrains, lack of good content or lack of budget. You can comment and rate relevant videos to your products. You can also share them in your channel to increase your popularity.
  • YouTube insight: Once you have started getting like and comments in your videos, they are not the only parameter to analyze your product popularity. There is an insight feature option available at YouTube. This tool works like an analytics and provide you statistical data of the visitors.This is a very effective way to judge the  effectiveness of your marketing campaign.
  • Increase your site’s traffic: On YouTube you can insert links of your eCommerce business site to your videos.  This will help you to increase site traffic and will hit easily on the search engine.

So YouTube has lots of potential for your eCommerce business. You need to put a lot of effort to gain business via YouTube. You need to change your video quality regularly, that enables visitors to get a different touch from your video. They won’t get bore with your channel and will like and share your videos more and more.


How to earn money with Youtube video uploading?


You can earn money with uploading videos in youtube channel or similar video websites or publish contents in your website or free domain & hosting like blogger.com. In both cases you’ll have to choose niches that will bring more traffic or views.

So it is essential to do any one of the following:

  1. Select videos to upload that are likely to naturally obtain more views on You Tube, or
  2. Choose established money making niches that are getting millions of monthly search in Google search engine.

At the end of this article you will get a comprehensive list of videos publish on You Tube obviously get high volume of views and proved as the most traffic driven niches. You can start uploading these types of videos and get thousands of views per day even without any types of promotional effort. Now follow the step-by-step guide lines as stated below:

 1. Create Website

Create such a website containing basic or common offers that appeal to mass population. If you are capable to make a website, I recommend you for GoDaddy doamain name and Bluehost for hosting your website. But if you are not yet capable to make website I suggest you to follow my how to create a website by clicking here.

Also I suggest you to install an auto-responder on your website to capture the email addresses of all the people visit your site. This will help you to make an email list to promote your website in future, over and over, again and again. For this service you can use Aweber as their interface is very easy and high delivery rate. I also use this service.

2. Offers to Promote

Now think that your website is ready. What need you next – some source offers to place in your website to promote that are planty in online, but some of the best are mentioned below:

  • MaxBounty: One of the best Affiliate networks, having hundreds of offers to promote in your website and they pay out weekly.
  • ShareASale/LinkShare: Both of them are large affiliate networks with huge offers.
  • FreebieJeebies/Kudos Network/Xpango: They will offer you to reffer new users and let you to redeem for money or gifts as you choose.
  • CashCrate: Same as the above three except free gifts. They will pay directly by cash or paypal.
  • Monetise: Like MaxBounty it is a CPA network offers only for UK, the best for UK traffic to convert goods and services.

Just signup to some of the above networks by clicking the links attached to open the respective sites. You will find new windows for each and fill up with information they required to signup and start searching their offers.

In this method what kind of offers will you choose?

Offers that having demand to wide range of people and prefer free offers for the users to join. Some examples of such offers are mentioned below:

  • Email/Zip Code Submit: These types offers you can find in MaxBounty and Monetise. Usually they want the users to fill out the form with information they requested in order to win a free attractive prize like iPod/iPhone/TV. Pay out for these offers may be $1 or $2 for first page submition.
  • You may not be very happy with such offers but it will add up your traffic quickly in your website.
  • Make Money Online/Survey Sites: These types of offers can be found in MaxBounty, Monetise, ShareASale or LinkShare. Almost everybody likes to earn some extra money; so these offers are great in this method and your cost is nothing, also no cost for the users to join.
  • CashCrate, FreebieJebies, Kudos Network, Xpango these all are fit for this method to promote your website.

3. Content Writing

Now we have website and the offers to promote that website. What you need next? Some content for that website – A short piece of sales copy to encourage visitors to click your attached links and signup is enough.   After getting a good volume of traffic you can analyze ultimately which sales copy converts the best in your website.

Or, you can create a video or a small piece of sales copy motivating the visitors to write their name & email address into Aweber opt in form. Hence you will get in your email list. Whenever you get this list in hand, try again and again to convince them for sign up or buy your products or services. You recommend them to motivate for signup or to buy.


4. Make Video

Now your website is full with free offers/sales copy/opt in form. Amusing part is to create video for YouTube. You have 3 options and take any one of the mentioned below:

  1. You can create your Videos by yourself.
  2. Assign some professional Video maker to create for you and pay them.
  3. From the existing YouTube Videos select some pieces and download for branding them with your website.

Among the above thee options the more fast and easy option is # 3. That is why I focus this option in my tutorial blog. To work with this option you can use a website called KeepVid. It is so simple that you just paste the URL from the YouTube video into the ‘Download’ field of the homepage – click download. That is all. You will get some options to choose video file formats. Select MP4 as I recommend.

Note: Select videos that are not previously branded with some other websites, as you will brand the video in your domain name, it should be neat and clean and then only you download it.

5. Now Edit your created Video

You have Videos downloaded in your computer should be edited. Edit all these Videos to brand your domain name across the video from top to bottom. It is wise to have a small (like 5 second) introductory speech just befor the video start and the same at the end of video.   To do this you have to use video editing software and you can use any one of several options available.

  • Windows Movie Maker is standard in almost all Windows system. It will allow you to edit everything as you required but output is unclear and the URL can be difficult to apply. New Entrepreneur who doesn’t like to spend for this purpose can use system and it will at least do something.
  • If you like to spend some money I recommend you to use SonyMovie Studio Platinum Suite, a good software with reasonable price, easy to practice and perfect to meet your need.
  • Using screen capture software is very popular to create video and after capturing video you can explain (demonstrate) the video by microphone which is very popular method of creating video tutorial and product review today. An example of such video is explained below:

A really professional software called Camtasia is a kit that enable you to make such video and afterwards edit to a good standard. Now you can use different types of software to brand the video in your domain name.

You are now ready to host your videos branded with your domain name and beginning with introduction, end with credit clip motivating to visit your site and take advantage of offers or products you intend to promote. These videos you have to upload and publish on YouTube.

You know that YouTube is offered by Google, become very sensitive while registering for new accounts. This is due to marketers opening too much accounts exclusively to upload videos for making more money. Vast traffic of YouTube attracts marketers.

6. Uploading video


The fast and easiest way to upload videos is YouTube mass uploading tool. When uploading you may go through each & every video to add Title and Description with them. You have to follow few things as listed below and I also do like this:

  • Attractive Title – Use attractive title to grab attention of your visitors. For example, you’re uploading a fighting video. The title could be (a) Fighting of Two Guys, (b) Watch How the Two Guys Fighting, (c) One Of The Most Savage Knock Outs For Ever! The third Title is more attractive than (a) and (b) and more likely to get more visitors. Search in TouTube site with your similar keyword. While find an eye catching title with large view counts, simply copy the title and add in your videos.
  • Thumbnail: Choose an attractive image as thumbnail while uploading video from the three options provide by YouTube. For a good standing video, Youtube also give you custom thumbnail option to choose from your computer. If you’re not happy with Youtube options, Select an eye catching image from computer as thumbnail related to your video.
  • Description: Write a description of 200 words with keywords related to your video. The first text should be linked to your website with call to action like, http://www.entrepreneur-info.com/entrepreneur/. Click this link to learn How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur? The rest part of description is just to stuff it with keywords. The keywords may be, how to be a successful entrepreneur, 5 best women entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Of Small Business and so on.

7.  What is next? Repeat the whole Process.

Your videos are live in the web now. This is the process of getting views naturally. While you’ve picked the most popular video niches, give attractive titles, set good thumbnails and include several keywords in description, no doubt, your videos will naturally get views by their own.

You’ll see some videos are performing better than others. But withing a few days your videos will easily receive natural views without any promotion. The CTR (Click Through Rate) is likely to be low as 0.5% to 2%. But since your visitors are natural means that you are getting the targeted visitors of similar mind. So, you will get more interested persons to click and hence earn a decent amount from your site.

You may earn few dollars a day from each video. The more videos you upload, the more money you’ll earn.

Pick the proved money making niches that naturally receive lots of monthly views in search engines including Google.

01.  Weight loss

02. Body Building

03. Whiten teeth

04. Life hacks

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