Small Business Entrepreneur: How to become an entrepreneur? 5 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of the Decade! (422)

Small Business Entrepreneur: You’ll find here Business Entrepreneur related posts specially focused on small business. Business can be of three types such as: Small enterprise, Medium enterprise, and Large based on the size of business and amount of capital invested. Examples of small business are grocery, restaurant, or home business where capital is not so significant like medium or large enterprise. Good news is that the profitability of a small business is usually more than medium and large enterprise. A large business can be national or multinational and too much capital is necessary but profit ration on capital is less than small and medium enterprise.

Small Business Entrepreneur

We try to post here so many articles related to business and entrepreneurship intend to help people those who wish to become an entrepreneur or want to manage his/her business effectively.

Entrepreneurs tend to identify what people want and need; what they’re missing now and will be missing in near future as predicted changes on society, culture and environment. They furnish a shape of ideas into a product or service in such way that the people most likely to buy it. For getting more profit and to be a successful entrepreneur they also communicate different places to gather information related to his business while necessary. They consider social, ethical and environmental issues. They also comply with the local and federal government laws and regulations implied for types of his business.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

There are 5 common characteristics are found in almost all entrepreneurs. These are:

  1. Passion
  2. Planning
  3. Management
  4. Positive projection
  5. Taking Risk

There are some slogans related to entrepreneurs: I create, I take risks, I live my passion and I am an entrepreneur. Actually these are the basic quality of almost every entrepreneur.  We’ll discuss here about small business, how to take initiative to become an entrepreneur, and also how to manage your existing business effectively intend to practice in your business.

Tips for entrepreneur


First of all, I like to say that anybody wants to or wishes to become an entrepreneur he/she must know his/her business very well.  The more you know your business it’ll be easier for you to be successful rapidly.  Moreover, you must have great interest to learn about your business and willing to sacrifice. Industrious, patience, honesty, prudence are necessary and considered as assets for business. Although sometimes we can see some dishonest people are doing better business but they are doing unethical business. We should not support them.


Business is better than any kind of job as my opinion. Because the whole world is divided into two sectors, employee and employer.  Employers are entrepreneurs and employees are workers. Employees are neglected every where and most of them pass their life in very poor way. Only few top most positions are getting handsome salary and facility. Most of the employees are working with poor salary and minimum facility. I like to say that to become an owner of a small business is better than the top most position under any employer.


An entrepreneur can give a structure/shape his creative ideas in such a way that it’ll meet customers’ need. So, his creation will help people and bring benefits for him and ultimately entrepreneurs are contributing in national economy. They are helping to reduce the unemployment. So, it’s wise decision to become an entrepreneur.

5 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs Of The Decade

There are only a few breakthrough million-dollar ideas which are spewed at times. We all wait for that moment when we also get such an idea which will makes us a millionaire or at times, a billionaire. So far most of the record books have been crammed up by men, but today we are going to look at the opposite sex, the women entrepreneurs.

Two new names added in the list of women entrepreneurs 2015.  One is Beth Comstock, CEO of GE Business Innovations for founding of Hulu.  And Elizabeth Holmes, founder of blood testing company Theranos.  The number of U.S. women-owned businesses jumped 68% from 1997 to 2014.  In all over the world 100 women have the power to shape our world, and 18 stand out this year as women entrepreneurs 2015.

Coco Chanel: Yes she is THE Coco Chanel, the founder of the luxury brand, Chanel. In her life, she had everything wrong. She was born poor, raised an orphan and did not have a very good sense of style.

When she started designing hats for women of Paris, she would never have thought to reach this level of international superiority by her products. But gradually, working her way on the top, she created the brand only the richest could afford, Chanel.

Martha Stewart: A seasoned model, stock broker, mother and many more things. She has a coveted status in the international space which only a few individuals, l men or women can even think of matching.. After getting a harsh divorce in 1989, she founded Martha Stewart Living .

She then had books, magazines, TV shows and what not. She also had to go to jail from 2004-05 for insider trading. Apart from that spot on her career, she is otherwise a very hugely successful entrepreneur.

Oprah Winfrey: She would be the last person you would like to see in a list of entrepreneurs, but there she is, the ultimate symbol of wealth, power and charity. She became Miss Black Tennessee at the age of 17, she never turned back then She founded her company, Harpo Communications and then purchased the rights of the infamous Oprah Winfrey Show. She became the wealthiest self-made woman of the USA.

Ruth Handler: She was the creator of Barbie doll. The doll which is synonym with the little girls , the Barbie doll. She was the one who had a vision. She was the first doll with breasts, and frankly the kids in 1959, which is what they needed.  A bold move for a woman in that era , but who can stop a successful entrepreneur?

She went through some difficult times in the 70s and she had to resign as the president of the company she created. She then began the business of selling artificial breasts designed for breast cancer survivors.

Mary Katherine Goddard (book publisher): One of the oldest entrepreneurs in the list she lived in an era which was not very suitable for women. She was born in 1737 in the Colonial America. The time when women were expected to stay at home, raise children and keep their surroundings clean. She had a breakthrough idea. Publishing.

In 1777, she bravely printed the first copy of the Declaration of Independence. She could never accumulate the wealth which we are going to see in the list, still, she had a breakthrough idea, and she worked on it and succeeded.


In present days lots of university graduates are choosing their own path instead of joining a traditional job. It doesn’t matter what your educational qualifications are, to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be committed to hard work. A lot of young people have the intention to set up an own business, but most of them start life with jobs. What are the reasons?

The initial thought in your mind is about the capital or the right path for the start-up.  Moreover, entrepreneurs need to bear a high risk, lot of stress and good innovation ideas. However, if you have a good sense of accomplishment lots of rewards, money and fame are waiting for you. You’re going to be your own boss, so you need to have some diligence, patience and passionate about your target. That it won’t be hard to be a successful business owner.

How to become an entrepreneur?

Take a stand

If you’re dissatisfied with your current job, economic status or you are interested in doing something of your own. If you want to change your life you need to take a stand for yourself and make a conscious decision.  You shouldn’t blame anyone friends, family, boss or your spouse. Just need a good starting with a clear mind setup.

Think of a great idea and identify the right business for you

A great business starts with a great idea. Only a good idea doesn’t work. You need to be realistic, which business you’ll do? Is it a service or product? Do the people need or able to make the life easier? After exploring all answers you need to think about the cost, manufacturing time and the brand promotions to reach targeted consumers. Always welcome different ideas. If you don’t have any particular idea. Think of a targeted market, understand which product or service can hit them. Three common motives of a new entrepreneur:

  1. Start with what you already know better than other things. If you start a business that you don’t know anything or know something, it’s very difficult to success.
  2. Which one is more realistic or feasible for you? Your business should be based on your physical, educational and financial ability. For some small business strong body is necessary to move and handle their properties.  For example, Beekeeping.  For some business you need related educational background like IT. Some business require to have experience like gold, diamond etc. Some business require more capital and machinery that may not be possible to manage.
  3. What other similar business owners are doing? Think and follow the same or similar business owners.  What they are doing, how they are doing, can you do the same business, but in alternate way?

Make a business Plan

A business plan can be the formal outline of your business. In your business plan you need to include every single detail of your targeted market and products. You need to include, which products are you developing? The appearance of the product and the raw material you need. Market analysis includes the location of the shops to sell your products, collecting the people feedback about your products. Also need to understand your competitor how is their network? Strategy to beat them.

Also marketing and advertising your products, when the product will be launched, an estimate of the sales forecast. Manufacturing details, how will you make the product? Your manufacturing location and cost of goods sold should be in the business plan. A vital part of your plan is financing your business. How much money you need to start up? Sources of the money and your gross profit includes here.

If you’re new in business or for a small business, you may ignore the business plan writing.

Understanding the targeted audience

Before making any investment, understand the consumer behavior. Who actually need your products? Don’t think everyone is going to buy, make an outline of your targeted consumers’ size. Research on various statistics about the market. You may find different data using Google or some free data provider websites.


As an entrepreneur, you may have some initial investment plan. You need to track your financial ability, is it well enough for a good start? In doesn’t involve your family’s economic strength, it’s about your budget for a new start-up. If your budget is not good enough contact with some possible investors, may be a bank, Investment Company or any individual. Show them your business plans and predicted gross profit. It will help them understand your business and encourage investment.

After going through this process, you need to create a supportive network or community of the consumers, partners, allies and vendors. You need to be generous and create your own value. If you follow our suggested steps, you will be your own boss, before imagination.


Entrepreneur Business Opportunities In The Internet

We always have this question. On which part of the internet should we tap so that we can find some great online business ideas for entrepreneurs. Internet is more than the biggest ocean of information. Internet has a similar problem just like the ocean. It is very difficult for a normal person like you or me to separate the thing which is important and which is not relevant at all. Read and learn more about Entrepreneur Business Opportunities.

 Where to find the entrepreneur business opportunities?

To master this art, you shall always look into the places where you can tap opportunity. Here in this article , I have listed some ways how and where should you start looking if you want to find some great entrepreneur business opportunities on the World Wide Web.

The social media space and the internet is a two way road. It allows agencies to increase the number of people who view them, raise money and supporters. So it is important that you know social media for successful working Happy investing!


  • Hot topics: These are the topics which are most search of which makes two social media intersect. For example 26 may for India was marked with NarendraModi being the most trending person. They can be shared but are most often represented through the use of hash-tags. They are the essence of what is happening in the social media, the gossips or just some general conversation. Look there to see what is profitable, what are people talking about, what is interesting for people. If you learn to do this feasibly, there is no stopping you and you can go ahead and become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Community pages: The pages on Facebook or the channels on YouTube which have many likes, make sure you visit them regularly and see where people inclined these days are. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be able to think outside the box, to think what other people cannot think to go the extra mile and be a visionary. That is how all the entrepreneurs of the world have ever made money. So go the extra mile, do your homework and keep an eye on the pages of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or whatever website is available.
  • Platforms and websites providing crowd funding: There are websites like Indiego which discover new trends, amazing products and some world class services. People with businesses and some startup companies’ look up to these platforms to get some funding opportunities from capitals and general public who are very huge in number. Bu looking at the places where the funding is going , people are able to know what the consumers are looking for and the things consumer are willing to spend big bucks on.



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