Online Paid Surveys to Make Money From Home. (403)

How to make money from home: Surveys are the basis of decision making for Top Management. It can be online or off line. Prior to take any decision Management depends on some important information which they collect from a specific types or group of people. Due to off line surveys are very expensive, they collect these information online most of the time. Actually these information is used for research purpose, such as: Medical research, Marketing research etc. You’ll find here several articles on how to make money with paid surveys or how to make money from home.

How to make money from home with paid surveys?

People like your are the respondents of that above surveys. Remember, you can participate online from your home, or at their location for face to face interview, by telephone interview, or combination of these two or more.  Even sometimes it can be held at your home for product test or face to face interview.

Online Paid Surveys to Make Money From Home.
Online Paid Surveys to Make Money From Home.

For paid surveys of any form, you no need to spend any money. No need SEO technique, or social networking for driving more traffic. You’ll get paid for your opinion on any topic or product. Usually Payment is made by Paypal, Bank cheque, Gift certificate, or prepaid Visa card. Read more, How to make money from home.

Provably this is the best way to make money online, and you can do it offline also. As stated above paid surveys are of different forms. But Remember, Only Native American whose roots are at Maxico will get the maximum benefits from paid survey sites. And then other Americans and gradually going down for other nationalities. Note that you can pretend as US nationality if you have friends or family members in USA and apply some techniques.

You can start this at student life or let your children to start at age 7. Because some surveys are only for students, and some survey sites only accept students. Remember, you’ll get paid for each survey you can complete successfully. So, at the beginning stage you’ll not get the full taste of juice due to lack of experience. Day-by-day you’ll get some experience, and after 2/3 years you’ll become an expert. So, I recommend you to start as part-time at first.

If someone start it at student life, at the end of University education he/she will be fully prepared to take it as full time profession. No need to search for jobs and destroy valuable shoes. It’s possible to earn $5000 to $7000 per month from these sites while you take it as full time. And no need you to keep busy from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can do it at your relax time.

But, to be successful in this profession you need some specific guide lines for which I am here to help you. Just follow the step by step guide lines and make some notes for future reference. There are few hundreds websites offering paid surveys. But all are not same and there is big difference in payments. For some survey you’ll get paid $0.20 and some will give you $1500 for each survey. So, it’s very useful and essential to know exactly which sites pay more and which sites are just wastage of time. In average you can expect from $1 to $300 for each survey. Also you’ll find here which surveys you can get paid $1000 – $1500 for each survey.

First of all I want to recommend you to signup with few highest paying survey sites.  Register with only one or two sites can’t help you enough to earn a decent amount of money. You will have to register with several survey sites for earning better. But before starting with survey profession or online survey jobs you have to prepare yourself and follow some essential instructions from people who already in this profession; Otherwise you may be misguided and waste a lot of time and money and nothing will come in pocket.

Make money from home – paid surveys


Always keep in mind that online surveys are not so easy that just you’ll click and earn money.  If you wish to take this job as profession you have to spend some time in these sites, study, keep patience and try again and again. A full time professional can earn $5000-$7000 per month from these sites. And you can too if you determined.

I can assure that you can earn money from these sites earlier than any other sites like Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate marketing, click bank and so on. I am working online full time in survey sites as main job keeping others as side business. Because survey sites enable me to earn money faster than others.

 I recommend you to follow the step by step guide lines as stated below:

01. Join Online Market Research Survey Sties

From Last two years I am trying to earn money by advertising in my websites and spent money a lot, but earnings does not exceed $10 per month up to last year. So I could not withdraw any money from these sites due to minimum requirement is $20 for withdrawal. But I earn and withdraw successfully from survey sites without expend anything.  Only one time I spent $40 in Click bank to purchase some software regarding survey, and finally I also received incentive $50 after completion of their terms and conditions. So I recommend you not to spend any money in survey sites. All genuine survey sites are free to join.

02. Signup for Gmail account

At the first step you make a gmail account for exclusively use in survey sites only. After the verification of gmail account you will register yourself in few survey sites as I recommend you in the next steps. If you have already gmail account then use a fresh account which is not blocked by any website like paypal, facebook, twitter etc.

03. Signup with a fresh email address

Use a fresh email address (Gmail preferred) to signup with survey sites. Because ultimately you’ll signup with many survey sites if you like to work with online and off line surveys. To keep track all the survey invitations in one place and to avoid money withdrawal problems you should select a fresh email address. Remember, this email should be accessible and registered with Paypal.

Most people want to work with online paid survey sites but unable to do so due to lack of experience, expertise and patience. There are many ways to make money online. I have written  several articles in this web site on how to make money from home, as a side business or full time profession.

In this website I explained 7 ways to make money, such as:

  1. Paid Surveys for money – Online and offline
  2. Make money with Content writing & publishing
  3. Make money from YouTube Video uploading
  4. Online Casino games & gambling
  5. Affiliate Marketing from home
  6. Teaching and Training
  7. Small Business or home business

I am engaged with all of the above sites. And I find that online survey sites are the easiest and fast way to make money. So, I ensure you can too.

04. How to sign up with survey sites?

Now learn how to signup with survey sites. Signup is simple but you have to follow specific guidelines and step by step instruction. That instructions are valuable for you to save your money and time.

 Click here, and follow as stated below:

(a) Fill up the form with required information they ask.

(b) Keep note or Write down the information like name of website, email address, user name, password, date of birth etc in a secured place either in hand writing or Word Press file in computer.

(c) Also bookmark the website in your browser for next time login and save the password to avoid write it again and again.

(d) These information will be necessary in future. After completion of this form they will send you a confirmation email.

(e) Open your email that you use for signup and check in inbox. It may take few minutes to reach in your inbox. Sometimes it may reach in your spam folder also. Open that email and find the confirmation link and click there.

(f) They will acknowledge your confirmation and accept you as registered member. I have enclosed here 3 websites and a list of websites at the end. Just now try to register with these 3 sites one by one and later try the other sites listed at the end.

Click here

Click here.

Click here.

Remember, registering process is almost same for all survey sites.

(g) Now you have an account in every survey site that you signup for. Login to your account using email address and password or user name and password as they ask. Because this may vary from website to website. After login you can find some survey offers instantly or wait a bit and check your email regularly to find their invitation. Whenever you find any offer, try to complete it as early as possible.


05. Complete your profiles

After signup and confirm the link they sent, Complete your profile as much as possible. Completed profile will get more survey offers than incomplete. While sign up or complete profile keep in mind some secrets as below:

(a) Show your age between 27 to 35.

(b) Position as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), General Manager or similar level.

(c) Work full time 30 hours or more per week.

(d) Yearly income before tax 75,000 – 110,000

(e) Education – Masters or more

Fill the form similar to the form below:

Best Way To Make Money Online Or Offline From Paid Survey Sites

You may ask why like this? Because they ask and want like this. But fact is that those who are working in such a position they don’t have enough time for online surveys, or they are not interested at all or they don’t know where these survey sites.

06. Complete Survey offers

Now you are fully prepared for online surveys. Within a short time you’ll get some offers in your email inbox. If you find some offers in spam folder, shift it to inbox. Open the links one by one and try to complete. If you can’t complete successfully don’t be discouraged. Try again and again and think why the previous one was unsuccessful. After few days you’ll see the same survey or similar survey offers are coming again and again. So, this will help you to answer properly and become an expert.

Try to complete at least one survey in your first registered 3 websites for online surveys. Remember, this sites are not only online, there is also offline offers which you can complete from your home. Sometimes they can ask you at their office or they can come to your home for face to face interview. Usually these types of surveys are highly paying; $100 – $300 for each survey.

For the most online surveys you can expect from $1 – $15 and for offline surveys $50 – $300. Clinical trial for any specific disease you can get paid from $500 to $1500 including free medicine, treatment and transportation. The recommended 3 survey websites mentioned in article #301 are only the websites require less time to complete surveys and the easiest sites including highly paying I find ever.

07. Software download

To receive the highest paying survey offers from Survey Savvy site they need you to install their SavvyConnect software in your 3 devices such as Mobile, Laptop/Desktop and Tablet. If you don’t have those three or don’t like to install, till now you’ll get survey offers but not the highly paid offers. Moreover, software installation enable you to receive your money fast in your pocket. And that software will not harm your computer. Actually they will collect some data through this software for Research purpose. So, you can download and install this software without any hesitation. I have installed that software in all of my devices and getting paid for that including highly paying offers.

09. Don’t believe in Fraud promise

Remember, people who are telling that online income is so easy, just to click and earn money or earn money thousands of dollar in one hour – they are fraud and cheating with people in most of the cases. Such huge money is possible only for some people and in some special circumstances. To reach in that level, of course you need time, investment, knowledge, patience and perseverance. It’s true that some people are earning thousands of millions of dollar per month.

10. Determination and patience

At the beginning in most of the survey offers you’ll be disqualified. Don’t be discouraged. Continue trying and there will be many offers you’ll qualify.  It’s also true that you’ll not quality all the offers you receive. But what you’ll quality that will be enough to earn a good amount of money. All you need to have strong determination and patience. Be determined and go ahead with patience.

11. What are the requirements to start online surveys?

Remember, most of the surveys are online and few are offline also. Off line surveys are usually face to face or telephone interview or offer to purchase some goods or services and then evaluate that goods or services. For face to face and telephone interview you may get $50 to $300 based on the time and complexity of surveys. Clinical trial on physical illness like diabetes, allergy, acne etc. are usually highly paying from $500 to $1500. If you are selected you’ll get free treatment, medicine and payment also. They will use your data for medical research purpose.

The interview will held on any specific location in a specific time and you will have to attend there physically. Telephone interview you can participate from your home or wherever you within a scheduled time period.

Surveys for goods and services required debit/credit card most of the time. You will have to purchase their goods or services and you will get double or triple time of the purchase value. The excess amount is for your time and evaluation of their products. If you don’t like to give your debit/credit card data to any body you can use some virtual debit card which is available online.

You can earn money from home or wherever you by taking online surveys. Even you can participate some surveys with mobile phone on the go. That means you can earn money always without any time schedule from these sites. But at first you have to be registered with several sites as I recommended in Article#301 to get maximum benefits. I know few hundreds of survey sites and getting survey invitation regularly. If you are a USA residence you’ll get the maximum highly paying survey offers.

12. What you need?

You need only one laptop/desktop, one Smart phone – Android(version 4.4.0 or above)/iPhone, one tablet, web-cam, Broad-band/Wify line, some papers and pen.

Keep in mind that if you like to work in survey sites you will need a bank account, a verified paypal account, one amazon account to redeem your earnings. But it is not necessary that you must have these now. You can arrange these step by step while necessary.

13. Payment method

  1. Most of well reputed survey sites will pay by check, paypal or amazon gift code. Some sites will pay through payoneer master debit card and some sites will pay other gift card like Walmart, Nike, CVS etc. Very few survey sites pay you instantly and most of them will pay within 2 to 6 weeks.
  2. For your successfully completion you will get reward as specified in the survey offer. This could be from $1 to $15. Time required to complete one survey is from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in most of the cases.
  3. After registration you may not get survey offer immediately. Only few sites will instantly offer you survey which I told and recommended above you to register. Some sites will offer you survey daily, others will offer weekly, monthly or yearly 3/4 surveys only. So, the sites who will offer you daily, you will get maximum benefit from them.
  4. As I told you, payment methods are Check, paypal, payza, amazon gift certificate you will have to prepare these things step by step. To redeem your earnings you have to earn the minimum redeemable amount and these amounts are varying sites to sites. Some sites will pay you after earnings $10, some are $20, $25 or $50. This redeemable amount you can find in their F.A.Q (frequent asked questions).

List Of Highest Paying Survey Sites

There are few hundreds of websites offering online or off line paid surveys. But all sites will not bring you the similar benefits. Some sites are wastage of time only. So, if you want to earn a good amount from survey sites, you should know and register with some popular and famous survey sites that pay better than others.

After register with 3 survey sites mentioned in my website you’ll find a list of other sites. Try to register with one by one and keep track of all sites you registered. Other than this list you’ll find many sites also while you work as full time profession. But remember, these are the best sites for making money from home.

Remember, you’ll have to confirm the registration after signup in each site by clicking the link they sent in your email inbox. For confirmation, please login to your email and check in inbox and spam folder to find the confirmation link. Sometimes it can take few minutes to receive this confirmation link. Just click on the link they sent to confirm that you are the owner of this email address. If you fail to receive this confirmation link, contact their customer service to fix this problem and request to re-send it.

That is all. Now you can signup as many as you can from the list below:

  • Global Test Market
  • Survey Savvy
  • Survey Downline
  • Vindale Research
  • Bizopinion
  • Survey Download
  • Pinecone Research

Sources of information

My experience and information from most popular and famous survey sites.

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