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  • Oppo Reno 10x Zoom vs Huawei P30 Pro: Which should you choose?
    Oppo's new Reno flagship phone series has launched, with varying tiers of price, power and performance. The standard Reno device has Huawei's P30 in its sights, but with the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, its most obvious competitor and comparison point is the Huawei P30 Pro. Here we've compared the Reno 10x Zoom with the P30 Pro to help you decide which might be the right flagship phone choice for you.Coincidentally, the specs for the Reno 5G phone are the same as these but with the addition of Qualcomm's X55 5G-capable modem. The standard Oppo Reno handset is significantly different, however. Price Oppo Reno 10x Zoom: £699 P30 Pro: From £899 The 256GB Oppo Reno 10x Zoom starts at £699, which is a great pricer for a phone with so much storage. Huawei's P30 Pro - on the other hand - starts at £899 (it's an extra £100 for the 256GB model and £200 for the 512GB model). Clearly then, the Reno 10x zoom undercuts the P30 Pro by some margin. tds_squirrel_widget_147530Design Oppo Reno 10x Zoom: 162 x 77.2 x 9.3 mm, 210g P30 Pro: 158 x 73.4 x 8.41mm, 192g The Oppo Reno series comes with two colour choices - ocean green and jet black. The P30 Pro on the other hand, comes in several colours - Breathing Crystal, Amber Sunrise, Aurora, Pearl White and Black.Both the Oppo Reno and P30 Pro opt for a vertical camera arrangement, but while the P30 Pro's is on the left-side, the Reno's is central. What we like about Oppo's design is that, not only does it make the phone symmetrical from the back, its camera system is also completely flush with the back surface, so there's no protrusion at all. The P30 Pro is IP68 water and dust resistant and has a glass back made from Corning Gorilla Glass 5 with a fairly pronounced protrusion where the advanced camera system sits (more on that later). Both these devices offer almost total screen coverage of the front of the device. With that said, the Oppo is slightly more impressive, given that the Huawei P30 Pro has a water drop notch at the top…
  • New Nvidia Shield TV could be incoming running Android 9
    Internet code sleuths over at XDA developers have discovered some references to a new Nvidia Shield TV hardware going by the name of "mdarcy". The references in the Google Play Developer console seemingly suggest this means there is a new, slightly refreshed version of the Nvidia Shield TV coming with the same Tegra X1 chipset, but powered by Android 9. This new information lends credence to the hardware leaks back in March where XDA developers spotted codenames for new Nvidia Shield controllers and remotes. It is thought that all this information just points to a minor update and refresh of the 2017 version of the Nvidia Shield TV gear rather than a brand new generational jump to Nvidia Shield 2. There is some suggestion though that the new model will include some tweaks to the chipset that allow it to support better power usage and an enhanced maximum GPU clock speed - meaning more power behind the aging hardware. The addition of Android 9 will also help improve the software setup and the performance of Nvidia Shield Experience software as well. Most of this is speculation at this point though and we'll have to wait on the official news. We've loved the Nvidia Shield TV tech in the past and an update will certainly be welcome.  Nvidia Shield TV (2017) review: The daddy of 4K HDR media streaming Which is the best media streamer for you? Fire TV vs Apple TV 4K vs Chromecast vs Roku  
  • Nomu M8: The first antibacterial phone that promises to keep your phone clean
    Nomu has announced a new phone that sports a state-of-the-art antibacterial protective layer to ensure that it says bug free regardless of where you take it and how you use it.The new phone addresses a growing worry that the phones we carry around with us every day are covered in bacteria. A recent investigation by Nomu found that there you can find over 10 million bacteria on each phone with nearly a quarter of phones carrying 10 times as much as the acceptable number of bacteria.In response to this, Nomu has built a phone that is both rugged and offers antibacterial protection by implanting bi-ions on the surface of the glass the phone is encased in - something that isn't normally the case with similar offerings from other companies.This move means the anti-bacterial glass not only has high efficiency, but a long-lasting antibacterial effect that doesn't wear off in the same way as other anti-bacterial coatings from companies claiming similar protection.The M8 2.5D anti-microbial glass adopts a nano-antibacterial treatment technology, which can inhibit harmful bacteria's such as algae, fungus, and mould from breeding.Because of that process, it eliminates the growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus with sterilization efficiency reaching 99.99 per cent in tests thanks to Silver ions that are activated to produce reactive oxygen and oxidatively that decompose bacterial viruses.The M8 is the first anti-microbial ultra-thin glass phone on the market.Aside from the protective glass found on the new Nomu M8, the phone is also incredibly rugged.The phone comes with IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810G certification and can withstand drops, dust, and water as well as being soaked in 2 meters of water for 1 hour making it idea for those that work outside of a mundane office.And when the Nomu M8 isn't being rugged, it's great at taking photos. It features dual 21-megapixel cameras to make your photos clear and natural and is just 10.7mm thick making it thin and easy to operate one-handed.Whether you're a mother with a new baby, a worker in a rugged environment, or someone in the catering industry working with food or cleaning products the Nomu M8 is sure to be able to handle the…
  • BMW teases next-gen i8 through Vision M Next abstract images
    BMW doesn't do conventional. In teasing what we believe to be the next-generation i8 supercar - which, in concept form, is being called the Vision M Next - the German automaker has teamed up with artist-photographer Thomas Demand.It's certainly an abstract teaser ahead of the Vision M Next reveal, which is set to occur in late June, capturing small areas of the car's bodywork in almost Cubist-style. Well, we say 'of the car' - but Demand has actually made his own paper and cardboard models of the vehicle as the subject, further removing us from their accuracy.Demand's images are works of reduction, framed meticulously to present a vehicle as anything but. The images do reveal the bold grey and red colour work, along with gentle folds and sharp-angled vent openings.It's about time the i8 got its full-on replacement too. Back in 2013 we loved driving the original, which was updated with new tech and battery in 2018, but with the auto world accelerating in full electrification and technology going full throttle, the Vision M Next ought to show off just what BMW has in store in the coming years.We were at the launch of the BMW iNext concept, back in November 2018, which depicts the brand's vision of an autonomous future. The Vision M Next isn't about automation though: it's all about driving revelation.Here's hoping the designers haven't gone overboard with the kidney grille, like with the BMW X7, eh? 
  • Honda e Prototype first look: Super cute compact EV
    Honda first revealed the Urban EV concept in 2017. The company then followed this model on with a more finished model in the Honda e Prototype, which made its debut at Geneva Motor Show earlier in 2019.The Honda e Prototype is now 98 per cent production ready, with the launch planned before the end of the year. This is our first look at the super cute electric vehicle prototype. Honda e Prototype design Minimalist design Front, central charging port Approachable but sporty look The Honda e Prototype is inspired by the original Honda Civic and it is a fabulous looking compact car. The modern-retro styling and sporty stance give the Honda e Prototype a distinctive look that is sure to stand out from the busy city streets and for all the right reasons.Minimalism is a key theme in the Honda e Prototype's design, though there is a lot more than initially meets the eye. On the surface, serious attention to detail is present throughout the design but there's plenty beneath the surface of the Honda e Prototype too.The charging port is hidden below a section on the front and centre of the bonnet and it pops open with a tap of the button on the key. In between the headlights where the rounded front of the car curves inwards, there is another section with sensors for the driver assistance systems, like adaptive cruise control. These sensors sit below the back-lit Honda badge, which will be a standard Honda badge when the e Prototype launches and not back lit. It's one of the small design features that make up the 2 per cent of changes before production sadly. The amazing matte finish paint the e Prototype offers will also change for the final model.Circular symmetrical LED headlights sit within a polished black surround, giving this car its cute but sporty look with a happy face, and a similar design is followed through on the rear.At the side, very small cylinders with a camera lens at the end take the place of traditional wing mirrors, offering a talking point on their own, while the…


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  • Google Assistant brings back handy parking location functionality
    Google's industry-leading virtual assistant can be of great help not only when you're actually behind the wheel, but also to remind you where you've parked your car at the end of a nice day walking around town. There are in fact a number of ways in which Google Assistant can lend a hand with locating your parked vehicle, and one feature in particular has caught our attention after first being spotted by the folks over at Android Police.That's because this was apparently a thing back in the Google Now days of 2014, going away for some reason several years ago only to recently ...
  • Dish was against the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, now it wants to buy Boost and Metro
    The satellite TV honchos from Dish have been at the forefront of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger opposition, as they have expressed their suspicions about the reduction in competition and boost of prices numerous times in front of the FCC.Now, however, after it became clear that the carriers may have to divest their successful prepaid businesses and other assets if they want to merge as scheduled, Dish is first in line for the goods.Boost, Metro by T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile - these are household pay-as-you-go names with millions of subscribers and immediate ...
  • Samsung's mid-range Galaxy A50 is already discounted by $110 to $240 with Verizon installments
    Like almost every other major smartphone vendor, Samsung is going through a bit of a rough patch, as both global sales numbers and profits derived from the mobile business have been steadily dropping the last couple of years or so. While in the long run the company expects next-gen 5G connectivity and groundbreaking foldable designs to reverse this trend, its short-term growth strategy seems mainly focused on a revised mid-range product portfolio.One of the most interesting mid-rangers released in quite some time is undoubtedly the Galaxy A50, a beautiful 6.4-incher with a lot ...
  • Apple to Comcast: if you want to sell iPhones, you have to sell iPads and eat the discount
    Comcast and Charter are learning the hard way what it means to be in the wireless carrier business. The nation's number one and number two cable television firms have what they called "wireless phone ventures." Comcast has an MVNO service to subscribers called Xfinity Mobile which piggybacks on both Xfinity's large number of Wi-Fi hotspots, and Verizon's network while Charter has it Spectrum Mobile offer using Big Red's network as well.The cable companies are reportedly losing money so far, as they have to pay about $5 for a gig of data to Verizon, but ...
  • The joys and perils of looking for the perfect phone: an emotional graph
    If you’re reading this, you probably like tech more than the average person and that's especially true for smartphones. The best thing about tech is undoubtedly getting your hands on it for the first time. But getting to that point and beyond is a road riddled with peaks and pitfalls. Whenever you’re really invested in something there are always emotional swings involved and getting a new smartphone can be an adventure for tech enthusiasts. To commemorate that journey (and hopefully bring some laughs) we decided to visualize it using a graph. It shows some of the major events you're likely ...

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