Natural Teeth Whitening Tips – How to Whiten Teeth With Cautions? (451)

Natural teeth whitening: A pregnant or breastfeeding Women, a person under the age of 16 or having Dark Stains teeth or Sensitive Teeth or Damaged Teeth are strongly suggested not to take any teeth whitening process. If you are not a person of above categories, we advise to whiten your teeth, and request to consult a dentist at first. 
He will advise which teeth whitening process is suitable for you.  He may tell you to take a natural process if it is the best fit for your teeth.  And the natural process is very cheap and simple.  But if artificial process is necessary for your teeth, he will advise you to do so. Learn more about natural teeth whitening process.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

There are several recommended ways for natural teeth whitening. Choose the best one that meet your needs.

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Natural Teeth Whitening Tips - How to Whiten Teeth With Cautions?
Natural Teeth Whitening Tips – How to Whiten Teeth With Cautions?


  1. Use strawberries

Use strawberries to get your teeth to appear white.  Strawberries are known to naturally produce white teeth. Cut up a strawberry and then rub it around your teeth alike a tooth paste. To get the best result keep it on your teeth for about five minutes before brushing.

2. Common salt

Common salt is a natural product that can be applied for brushing teeth. Salt is cheap and efficient in removing the stains and make your teeth more strong. Use enough water after brushing by salt and avoid brushing too much as the salt is very abrasive or rough.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is usually used to clean teeth. Baking soda can be applied in tooth pastes too.  Mix it with few drops of water to create a paste then brush as usual. This is a very effective method of whitening teeth at home.

4. Quit smoking

Smoking is unhealthy & usually stains teeth. A smoker frequently has yellowed teeth, having no bright & white smile. Even if it is not possible to quit smoking, we suggest at least try to cut down for the sake of the teeth and also your overall health.
If you are not suggested by your Dentist to take this process please don’t apply and take medicinal process.


Natural Teeth Whitening Tips - How to Whiten Teeth With Cautions?
Natural Teeth Whitening Tips – How to Whiten Teeth With Cautions?

Tips for Whiten Teeth with Medicinal Process

Medical treatment varies from time to time and person to person based on the condition of the patient.  It is safe and wise to consult a dentist before taken the decision to whiten teeth. Quite often, normal toothpaste has good result when applied to whiten teeth.  A dentist can recommend a brand name or a product that is fit for you. And he can examine your teeth health, ensure whether home whitening kit does not prove harmful.

1. Brush and dental floss regularly to cut down or prevent stains.

Try whitening by toothpastes. For USA residence we suggest to ensure the toothpaste has the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval and has been clinically evidenced its ability to whiten teeth effectively. The people of other countries should follow the same role applicable for their countries. Some whitening toothpastes are not clinically tested at all, and excessively abrasive that can make teeth very highly sensitive.

2. Alcohol free mouth wash

Everybody should be ensured the breath has a good smell, in an unpleasant smell we suggest to use some alcohol free gargle or a breath mint, as the alcohol can dry your mouth out.

3. Bleaching Agent

A dentist performs an in-office treatment by application of bleaching agent then applies the periodic flashes of light to activate the solution. The Treatment goes 30 to 60 minutes, and the complete procedure often needs several appointments. In at-home treatment, an oral safety with stain remover gel is put on patient’s mouth 2 hours a day for two weeks, depending on the hardness of stain.

4. Whitening strips method

For an affordable & efficient home whitening option, whitening strips is very simple, just to leave the strip on the teeth for a certain amount of time as suggested by the manufacturer. Whitening strips is popular but recently people are not getting expected result.

5. Vaseline

Vaseline can be used on teeth. Although it doe’s not have a delicious taste but able to make a layer on teeth that protects the teeth against stain.

6. Teeth cleaning by Professionals

Professional Teeth cleaning by a dental practitioner is an efficient teeth whitening method.  A professional dentist can remove a lot of stains and tartar that have developed over time, makes the teeth harder and reduces the risk of arising tooth decay or gum disease.

7. Regular cleaning

Regular cleanings may remove food and tobacco stains. But the dangerous staining left by tetracycline or systemic disease can be removed by neither cleaning agent, as these particles lie inside the tooth.

8. Veneers

Veneers are customized shells secured to the teeth with resins. This procedure frequently requires removing a small amount of tooth anatomical structure and is the most invasive as well as the expensive treatment option.

After reading the above article I hope someone will be conscious enough to select the proper teeth whitening methods that will best fit for both to prevent and remove stains and tarter, prepare him to enjoy a white & healthy stain-free smile.

Tips on Teeth Whitening Cautions

You have to take few cautions while whitening teeth and essential for everybody before taking any whitening process. If you wish to look good and appear healthy, you should adopt the latest teeth whitening technique which is often considered as an essential means of maintaining your dental health, but you would be required to take certain precautions while doing this at home.

Listed below are Tips regarding cautions while whitening teeth, have a look:

1.      Whiten Your Teeth In Perfect Form

When you whiten your teeth at home, strictly adhere to the manuals or instructions of that process which are you taking and follow the same manner as instructed in the manual.

2.      Whiten Teeth Using A Well Known Kit

While trying to cleanse teeth at home, you would be required to use well known and tested kit. Be sure whether this kit is tested and approved by the authority of your country and attached the seal as evidence.

3.      Use The Swab Once Only

You should know that cleaning swabs need to be used just once. If you feel the need to use them more than once, you have to try and avoid that feeling altogether. And Swabs are meant to absorb the appropriate amount of cleaning or whitening powder which should be applied once only.

  1.  Clean the teeth before go for whitening

If teeth are not cleaned enough it could cause the whitening process to allow spotty shades on teeth; so make sure to clean all dirt by flossing and brushing before go for whitening.


5.      Pregnant Women should be more careful

The pregnant women or who have given birth recently and are nursing, gums will be more sensitive to damage from the whitening procedure. These products also contain bleaching and other dangerous ingredients that are harmful. So they should wait until the baby birth or weaned before go for whitening.


6.      Discontinue Mouth wash that are unable to remove stain

Mouthwash regularly but still remaining stains, that means you should discontinue that specific mouthwash as it may contain some harmful chemicals. And it is supposed to be some of the ingredients are regenerating stain in teeth instead of cleaning.

Whatever decision you take after discussion with your Dentist, carefully follow the cautions of whiten teeth as mentioned above. Also read and follow the instruction written on any medicine you use.


 Where not to use Teeth whitening?

Should you need whitening your teeth, first of all you should know when & for whom this process is not applicable; you have to realize that this process is not suitable for all and should be avoided in some specific periods. Please look at below:

1. Whenever Breastfeeding whitening is dangerous

Whitening teeth is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding, as whitening kits often contain bleaches which may not be harmful to an adult but they might be hazardous to a new born baby. It is not wise to take any risk at all in this situation and we advise to wait until the birth of the baby and weaned.

2. Under the Age of 16 are not recommended

A minor who is under sixteen is advised not to whiten teeth as enamels and gums are still forming and if do so it could lead to future problems. We advise him to search natural remedies and also to avoid any food or beverage that can cause discoloration & decay.

3. Dark Stains teeth should not be Whitened

Dark brown or black staining is not advisable to be whiten. The dark stains are not be affected by the whiting agents and may convert even more visible as the tooth enamel close to them is white, so they could look more bad and we advise him to visit a good dentist & get advice.

4. Sensitive Teeth must not be whitened

We suggest not to attempt any whitening process if you have sensitive teeth or having problems in the past with gums or tooth enamel or the enamel is very thin. We suggest to stop teeth whitening of any form whenever found gum disease or tooth decay and to start the process after those issues have been rectified fully.

5. Damaged Teeth are not fit for this process

Any broken teeth, cavities or exposed nervous should be rectified by a dentist before whiten your teeth as the bleaching agents or whiteners may enter the cracks and cause irritation. Your teeth should be in good shape before you start the whitening.
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