How To Use Baking Soda To Kill Bedbugs from Your Entire Home? (523)

Use Baking Soda To Kill Bedbugs: Baking soda can be found in the kitchen and used to make a real miracle in your home. It can be used in multiple purposes from cleaning almost everything to Deodorizing naturally for sensitive skin. Here we are explaining how to use it to kill bedbugs effectively from your entire home. Many people ask me, does baking soda kill bedbugs? I answer them yes, it”s possible to kill bedbugs with baking soda. But you need to follow my instruction as stated below:

How To Use Baking Soda To Kill Bedbugs from Your Entire Home?


At first you have to arrange the following things: #1. Flashlight, #2. Bowl, #3. Paintbrush, #4. Hard Brush, & Vacuum Cleaner.

Step1: Identify places

At first check carefully all the places you suspect bedbugs are hiding. Remember, it can be in such a place that you never imagined. So, check each and every corner seriously and use a flash light for dark places. Write down in a paper all the places you find bedbugs, so that you’ll not forget later to treat. Even you can make notes to explain briefly the extent of infestation to take necessary action as required.

How To Use Baking Soda To Kill Bedbugs from Your Entire Home?
How To Use Baking Soda To Kill Bedbugs from Your Entire Home?

Step 2. Eliminate all the clutter

Now you need to remove all the clutter from infested areas as bedbugs and other insects are likely to hide there. Bedbug eggs are usually sticky and you should use a hard brush to remove such things. But don’t shift the clutter to other good area as this may infest your good area also.

Step 3. Use paint brush to spread baking soda

If you have a packet of baking soda then you take out it from the packet and keep into a bowl. Immerse a paint brush into baking soda to let them enter inside bristles. I recommend a 3 inches paint brush for better performance. Now spread a slight layer of baking soda in the mattress, bed spring, bed frame and all floor surface areas. Also spread it in all cracks and crevices including anywhere you suspect bedbugs may be existed. Usually bedbugs infestation will be more around the sleeping area. So, take a special care about this place.

Step 4. Remove baking soda

After spreading baking soda you should wait and see few days to ensure all bedbugs are died. Then take out all baking soda including dead bedbugs, their eggs, husk and dung with a vacuum cleaner. After few day you have to reapply the same procedure and several times a year as bedbugs are very difficult to eliminate permanently. Remember, an adult bedbug can live few months without feeding and an egg can remain undeveloped about 1 year. That’s why it’s difficult to exterminate them permanently.


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Tips and warning:

Although this method takes more time to exterminate bedbugs, but it’s the most easy and cheapest way. If you want rapid action and like to spend more money, then professional exterminator is recommended for you. Moreover it’s necessary to treat your entire home at a time, so that your good area can’t be re-infested from untreated area. That is all about how to kill bed bugs with baking soda.


No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is not something that you must follow, but can be used for information purpose only. Before applying any method you do your own research, consider your overall circumstances and then take necessary action.

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