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How to Start a Small Business? Small business is the first phase of making big one. All the big businesses were not once big. They started their challenging journey through the small businesses. Small business taught them how to grow and turn to bigger. You can grow your small business in the right and successful ways if you make some tweaks. Find here How To Grow Your Small Business With No Money & 6 Steps To Grow Your Business Quickly.

How To Start a small Business?

Beekeeping Business

Beekeeping established in the form of agricultural food production in ancient Rome and Egypt. In the United States of America bee population dropped in few years of this century but still now it’s one of the most popular hobby. If proper management or operation is applied in this field, it can give a stable income by selling honey, royal jelly, propolis, even bees itself.

Some species of bees are very profitable and easy to maintain such as Apis Melifera. It’s an African bee, produce 50 Kg honey from each hive per year and more profitable than any other natural bees found in tress or forest areas. Whatever type of bees you like to start keeping, its worth to learn some basic rules and guidelines of beekeeping.

Beekeeping is an example of small business and that will help you to start another type of business.

Things You’ll Need

  • Beehive
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Beekeeping equipment
  • Protective clothing



Try to obtain your first beehive in the spring as the bees come out from their hives and searching pollen, honey, porpolis to collect and become more active than any other season. The easiest way to start as new beekeeper is to buy a beehive & nucleus that contains existing bee colony with sufficient bees and a queen bee. Bee nucleus and ready-to-assemble beehive kits are available with bee breeders.


Install the beehive before the nucleus arrives. Clean with a brush the interior of the hive and the frames. Spray a mixture of equal parts of honey/sugar and water to help the bees quickly incorporate their new home. After arrival of the nucleus, the bees should be re-allocated to the hive as early as possible. The queen bee is shipped in a separate cage within the nucleus.


Wear the protective clothing and always use a smoker when handling your new bees. Beekeeper clothing is typically white to discourage the bees to sting and it includes a hat with a net. Through this net you can see and protects from bee stings. Hand gloves are an essential addition. A smoker allows calm the bees with little puffs of smoke while working on beehives.


Lodge the queen bee cage at the top of the hive, in between two vertical frames. The queen’s cage is prepared with a small cap, suitable for eating that the worker bees will eat and release the queen within three or four days. Ensure on the fourth day if the queen is released. If not yet released, remove the cap and keep her cage back in the hive. The worker bees may take few days to acquaint themselves with the new queen. If the queen is released before become acquaint, they may kill her.


Provide artificial food or natural honey (if possible) for your bees if spring flowers are not yet in bloom. If the hive didn’t come with a feeder tray, buy one or use a regular glass canning jar and push pinholes in the lid. Prepare a mixture with equal parts of sugar and water. Boil it to make a uniform mixture and to remove any bacteria exist in water or sugar. Cool the mixture before place in the hive. Place the jar upside down on top of the hive. The sugar dissolved water will slowly leak between the cracks and feed the bees.


Tips & Warnings

  • Keep in touch with other beekeepers and visit an active beekeeping operation in order to learn to be familiar with bee problems and how others collect and market their bee products.
  • Check with local community whether it’s legal to keep bees in your area. Many cities allow residents to keep one or two hives in their back yards but some communities have restricted beekeeping within the city area.

How To Grow Your Small Business With No Money

You need just to focus on the relevant things that need for business. Strong mindset is also necessary for growing small business. Here, we have depicted the nuts and bolts of how to grow your small business and set up its stability in any economic situation.

Work out with profit centers

Every business has some hidden points to increase profits. You have to improve where the customers complained. You can increase the level of advertisement. The production processes can be optimized. You can improve the points of impacts. All of these discover an active stream of income.

Research for growing business

Market research is a vital point for business start-up. When you are ready to head into your small business, right market research can save you time and headache. Basically, you have to research the inside out of the market. Before heading into business, you have to research the following essential questions:

  1. Whether we could figure out the target market and customer
  2. Whether we are able to provide the customers with what they actually want
  3. Whether the customers buy the products if the right products are delivered
  4. What keeps the customers confident in our products

Follow high impact marketing strategies leveraging low cost

Many small business entrepreneurs become complicated by doing expensive marketing campaigns because they think that high expensive advertisements mean high volume of profits. But, it is not the same. Actually, you have to give your attention on the high impact marketing methods. There are lots of inexpensive but business oriented marketing tips. At the age of the internet, you can find out a number of inexpensive but high quality marketing tips.

Choose right ways

In case of growing small business, “leap-fogging” approach is the best way. Choose a low risk business to grow from there. Make fund and capital for the expansion and growth by using income. Don’t look for money from lending organizations or investors or venture capitalists.

Protect your small business

Many small business owners avoid some crucial parts in starting for new business. I say many small business owners fell into troubles within a few years after launching their business for not doing many important legislative functions. They do not set up their business with the State Secretary, meeting with an attorney or the IRS about their business functional agreements.

Choose the right persons

When it is questionable to grow your small business, you must work with the right professionals because it adds extra fuel to your business. It is the perfect business consultant who can show you ideal business model in respect of your situation. He can instruct you to uncover the hidden profit centers that ultimately hit on your total revenue. Connecting with right professionals give you a sound business framework, confidence for strong brand image and long term marketing policies.

Find out right crowd

There is another important idea that can save your small business from falling into future loss or trouble. Making your business as a trusted brand can build up or break up your business. Don’t choose irrelevant crowd for your branding because it wastes your time and vanishes away your energy. The faster of your small business success depends on to find out the right customers.

Working with small business for going to a big one is a continuous struggle against all odd situations like the unstable economy of the country, lack of investment, not affordable to handle professional consultant, not able to expand suitable publicity and advertisement etc. Yet you can figure out a suitable model for growing your small business if you adhere to the above discussed ideas.

Effective Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication In Business

You may want to assess the effectiveness of verbal communication in your business or small business.  Let me to describe what is effective verbal and non-verbal communication in business.  Effective verbal communication covers (bridges) the gap between the messenger and the receiver.  The success of an individual or a business organization greatly depends on effective verbal communication.  Lack of attention to the clues often hinders the effectiveness of our communication, creates misunderstandings and results a loss of opportunities in business and even in our personal lives.

Eye contact

At first pay attention to eye contact.  If you feel that the person is not maintaining eye contact, he may not be engaged in the conversation.  So, your efforts will go to astray.  If so, adjust your method of communicating to ensure that the correct message is being sent and understood by whom you are talking.

Body language

Body language is an excellent method of verbal communication and feedback through body language can help to assess the effectiveness of verbal communication.  Try to assess the facial expression, posture and hand gestures of the person you are speaking to. Some time body language speaks more than words.  If you are speaking to someone and their arms are crossed, this can be considered a defensive position.  Where the effectiveness of your verbal communication is hindered, you must find a way to disarm the listener by body language and sent your message to him.

Tone of voice

Consider to assess the receiver’s tone of voice.  Volume indicates a certain level of enthusiasm and involvement.  If the individual you are speaking to, back in a monotone voice, it could mean that he is in a solemn or sour mood which will pose an obstacle to effective verbal communication.  Also consider to assess the personality type, the situation and how you are delivering the message.

Level of silence

Try to gauge the level of silence.  Always expect response from the person you are speaking with.  If you find that it is taking much time to feedback, it means the individual might not understand what you said or he might be processing the information.  Be patient for few times and wait for feedback.  If the silence continues, there may be a gap between what was said and what was actually received and understood.  Always allow ample time for the receiver to respond and don’t be afraid to adjust your communication style.

Effective Non-Verbal Communication in business

As Experts say, less than 10 percent of communication between human beings takes place verbally.  If so, then the body language or non-verbal communication is speaking in most places.  Understand the non-verbal messages of others and become more aware of the messages that your own behavior, essential for effective communication.  Here some ideas are mentioned about using non-verbal communication effectively.

Look at their face

Although it’s not always clear what that expression means to onlookers, but facial expressions reveal much.  Some people may frown when concentrating or squint while listening intently.

Pay attention to their body.

Body movement conveys much of our thoughts and feelings.  Legs and arms crossed reveal a protective attitude, while hands and legs in a relaxed and open position show availability and trust.  A tall and upright gesture indicates confidence and health, while a head-down slouch conveys the opposite.

Respect each others personal space.

Most people don’t like another person to stand, sit, or lie too close to them unless they are very intimate with each other.  Usually a rule of thumb is to leave at least 12 inches between your body and someone else, especially with strangers or unknown persons or in public places.

Touch only if you are invited or intimate.

Like allowing someone’s space, often unwelcomed touches, caresses or even bumps can cause social discomfort.  Sometimes unintentional body contact can show disregard for others.  Intentional and unsolicited brushes, rubs and arm touches and knee bumps can be interpreted as harassment of others.  Shaking hands is the most acceptable and problem-free form of social touching everywhere and always.

Watch physical adornment for cues

Watch physical adornment for cues.  Consider to interpret one’s availability, attention, clothing, hairstyle, used perfume etc.  Men or women who dress in bright colors, wear attention-grabbing fashion, let somebody see a lot of skin, cover themselves with ornaments and bathe in aroma are sending non-verbal cues that they want to be noticed by others.  Simple dress, uncombed hair, normal or no fashion, covered skin indicate they don’t care what other think about him/her and they don’t want to be noticed.

13 Cost Cutting Ideas For Your Small Business


Cutting Small business expenses is a challenge for every business.  A business organization struggles more to survive whenever the expenditure exceeds its earnings.  Reducing expenditure may become essential to sustain the business healthy & alive.  But you should not allow the above situation evolve the limit; Instead, implement measures to reduce spending.  You can make many forceful reductions in various head of expenses but it is better to simply use a few, keeping in mind that critical problem may arise for reducing expenses at a time.

Always you should keep your business expenses or disbursements under control.  And be careful to save money in business practices.  Do not cut too close which may hurts the business itself.  There are many ways or techniques to reduce costs as briefly explained below:

1.  Receivable Collection:

It is crucial to collect even a small amount because small amounts can be added up to something grand.  The first & basic rule is to ensure that the money out late and comes in on time (even earlier).  Pay your dues on the due date and take care to ensure that your collection is on timely manner, and the  outstanding balances at minimum.  You may require to call daily (if required) to collect outstanding, because a crying baby gets milk first.   Collection of receivables may reduce the bad debts and bad debt is also a business expense.

2.  Exchange Goods & Services:

Offer to exchange of products and services with other undertakings is an Idea of old age but this type of trade works till today. It can reduce your marketing & distribution costs

3.  Procurement:

It is better to purchase in a large quantity from a Whole seller warehouse or try to get items online from a large supplier.  It would reduce the cost of your purchase.

4.  Use of IT:

Try to build a good business network – it can change your world, exchange of ideas can open new doors. Online advertising and selling may reduce your costs significantly.  Be conscious to take advantage of the technology and implement in your business.

5.   Alternative of Purchase:

No need to buy equipments that you will not need more than once.  If you have the opportunity, try to borrow it or rent or lease it.  It will save you from capital blocking and cash flow problem.

6.  Timely payment:

Pay your bills of credit card & installment of your bank loan in a timely manner to avoid interest charges.  And thus you may reduce your financial expenses.  Minimize the use of credit cards; try to open a line of credits with the Bank when your credit is good with them.  This will save the cost of overdrafts.

7.  Office Expenses:

Always verify office expenses and determine where the stamps or postal materials are more economical.  Exact postage to pay instead of paying a fixed amount still will save money.

8.  Purchase in auction:

Before purchase any office material and equipment it is wise to search online or offline auction.  Some time it may give a chance to purchase very cheap.

9.  Cell phone bill:

Verify your cell phone bills and if found so many long distance or international calls, you may arrange a land phone.  Incoming calls are inessential expense in most of the cases.

10.  Workforce:

1)    Perhaps you may run your business with fewer full time workers.  Outsourcing Man Power /HR is another cost saving policy rather than of chartering an HR firm to find employees for you.  You may hire a part-time worker as an alternative of having a full-time worker doing so.  Outsourcing of non-core works and services may save you enough.

2)    You may hire an interne/ high school student who is seeking for part-time job or looking to work for high school credits.

3)    Many sites can be found on the net that actually offer you goods/services for free.  Their services may be only for limited duration, but they can save your money during the times you need an extra working hand.

11.  Remove/reduce excess benefit:

Remove or reduce excessive benefits.  Such as reduction of Cell phones, extensive health benefits, expensive business dinner, tickets to sporting events or rounds of golf with potential clients.

12.  Reduce Inventory:

Make a good business plan to minimize your Stock.  Because, Inventory is nothing but a blocking Cash flow.  So, try to keep it in an optimum quantity.  And to know about optimum quantity of inventory you have to study more about the author’s “Inventory Control”.

13.  Negotiate Contract:

Bargaining or negotiation can often bear fruit.  There is no harm in trying to get things for the best rate.  Read your contracts carefully.  You should not give to your suppliers, contractors or customers the benefits which are not written in the contract.  And note these benefits to obtain better terms & conditions when you negotiate in the next contract.

You may check your service contracts and check carefully that the service is provided as requested.  Many companies save thousands of dollars through sound management of service contracts.

Tips and Warning 

Intelligent thinking, planning and good decision-making will assure your business success and save from critical situation. You can make the best decisions and move forward with the best budget of expenses. Reducing business expenses is a mechanism of controlling production and operation cost.








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