How to Naturally Whiten Teeth? Tips & Warning while whitening your teeth. (454)

How to Naturally Whiten Teeth? There are several ways to whiten teeth at home. But all methods are not fit for everybody. It depends on your teeth health and overall condition. So, choose the best method for you and before starting any teeth whitening process, consult your doctor or dentist at first. His suggestion and recommendation will help you to select the proper method. Find here how to naturally whiten teeth. This method is very simple and cheap. You can whiten your teeth naturally with the help of the Video attached below:

How to Naturally Whiten Teeth?

Watch Video: Natural Teeth whitening Tips


Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

The following things can be used to whiten teeth naturally:

1. Use strawberries

Cut a strawberry, rub it like tooth paste around your teeth, keep it 5 minutes, & then brush your teeth.

2. Common salt

Brush your teeth with common salt (Sodium Chloride), use enough water after brushing and avoid excessive brushing.

3. Baking soda

Mix some baking soda with few drops of water to create a paste, then brush as usual. It’s a very effective method of whiten teeth at home.

4. Quit smoking

Quit smoking is another natural process of avoiding stains on teeth.


Also you should follow the things stated below to keep your teeth stains free:

1. Brush and use dental floss regularly to cut down or prevent stains.

2. Use Alcohol free mouth wash to prevent stains.

3. Bleaching Agent can be used by a dentist in his office.

4. Whitening strips method is an affordable and efficient home whitening option.

5. Vaseline can be used on teeth. It doe’s not have a delicious taste, but able to protects the teeth against stain.

6. Teeth cleaning by Professionals is an efficient teeth whitening method.

7. Regular cleaning may remove food and tobacco stains.

8. Veneers is the most invasive as well as the expensive treatment option.

Tips and warning

1. While whiten your teeth at home, strictly adhere to the instruction manuals.

2. Use well known and tested kit, approved by the authority of your country and attached the seal as evidence.

3. You should know that cleaning swabs need to be used just once. So, apply only once.

4. Clean your teeth before go for whitening.

5. A pregnant women or who have given birth recently, should wait until the baby birth before go for whitening.

6. Discontinue Mouth wash that are unable to remove stain, before going for whitening.

Who should not whiten teeth?

1. Whitening teeth is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

2. A minor who is under sixteen is advised not to whiten teeth as enamels and gums are still forming.

3. Dark Stains teeth should not be Whitened, instead we recommend him to visit a good dentist & get advice.

4. We suggest not to take any whitening process if you have sensitive teeth.

5. Damaged Teeth are not fit for any type of whitening process


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