How to Make Money with Content Publishing and Google Adsense Account? (402)

How to Make Money with Content Publishing: Definitely there are several ways to make money, but which is the best fit for you based on your overall situation, that is the question.  Here we have discussed on make money with Paid Surveys, Content publishing, YouTube Videos, Casino games & gambling, Affiliate Marketing, Online Classes for higher education, and Small Business for making huge money.  Read, study, think and decide to find the best one.  After reading thoroughly this article you can decide which way you should invest your time and money for early succeed. 

Remember, all the methods of earnings are not effective for everybody. You have to consider several factors for these. All of the topics and step by step guide lines are explained here with easy English for our most readers do understand clearly.  You’ll find many blogs on these topics in the internet, but this site is different than others for many reasons.  You’ll feel and understand the difference after reading few articles in this website.  Now find here several possible and legal ways to make money as I recommended below:

7 Possible And Legal Ways To Make Money

  1. Paid Surveys for money – Online and offline.
  2. Content writing & publishing.
  3. YouTube Video uploading.
  4. Online Casino games & gambling.
  5. Affiliate Marketing from home.
  6. Teaching and Training
  7. Small business or home business.

Make money with content Publishing Online.

Get Paid To Write:  Content or Articles writing and publishing is an intellectual property that can be your side business or main income source if properly maintained.  Find here step by step guidelines on how to make money either online, offline or at home. Definitely there are several ways to make money, but which is the best fit for you that’s the question. From this website you can find all of the answers. After reading these articles you can decide which way you should invest your time and money for early succeed. Remember, all the methods of earnings are not effective for everybody. You have to consider several factors.

How to Make Money with Content Publishing and Google Adsense Account?
How to Make Money with Content Publishing and Google Adsense Account?

If you are a beginner you may think “I am not a journalist, nor a writer” – how can I publish article in the web. I shall show you the easy process and practicing this method you’ll become a publisher.

Definitely writing job is difficult for ordinary people as it’s the job of writers and journalists. But there are some techniques that enable you to become an artificial writer. I did the same things for myself and now able to write about almost everything. Follow my instruction and guide lines.

Remember, Article or Content could be of any type but all will not give you the same benefits. Keywords of content are the most important things to earn handsome money. For better keywords you have to make keyword research which needs to have experience of analyzing data.

But I shall give you some easy way to select keywords for content publishing. At the end of this article you’ll find a list of keywords which will help you to make money online without researching of keywords. Of course someone has done this research and made this list.


01. Keyword selection

Keyword(s) is the word(s) that people search for in the web. If you want to know how to make money online, then provably you’ll write how to make money, or make money or make money online, etc. in the browser and search in google to find Articles written on that topics. These are the keywords of your search. Similarly million billion people are searching everyday for with different types of keywords in the web. Google Adwords have a database for all of the keywords people search for.

So, at the end of month their record is updated with each keyword how many people searched for. Some keyword may have 1000 and some have 100,000 monthly search. For some keywords you may get paid 0.01 and for some keywords $10. Some keywords have few competition and some have many. All of these things you have to consider while you select a keyword. Google Adword Keyword Planner is the best tool for that. But it’s difficult for beginners to find this tool and use it. To help you find this tool I have attached the link above. Now you need to know how to use this tool. To make it easy for you I have given a screen shoot of Ad planner.

When you find the above page, write some keywords with commas in the box and click on Get ideas. By default it will show for global search result. You can optimize your search for specific location, language etc. Now you’ll find monthly search, competition, amount in $ for each keyword related to your keywords. From there you can decide which keyword(s) would be the best and grow your attention to write on articles.

Remember, interest is the most important thing to drive you fast. If you select a keyword but don’t have any interest then you can’t pay your attention there. And ultimately you’ll not get the benefits. So, select such keyword that you like most and want to learn more and you know many things about it. If you are enthusiastic to learn about this, previous experience may not be necessary. Patience and perseverance will help you to reach your goal. If you select a better keyword but you don’t have interest on it you can’t devote yourself and ultimately you’ll not get benefit from it.

02. Copy the similar articles from web

Now search with your selected keyword(s) on Google and definitely you’ll find several articles in the web on this keyword or related to this keyword. Open few Articles that are mostly related to yours. Which seems to be the best, copy the full article and paste it in your word documents. Record each article with headlines.

03. Re-write or edit.

Now read and study the articles you copied in word documents. Since this article is already published on the web you can’t republish the same thing. Because one sentence or phrase can be published only one time. So, you need to edit or re-write it.

Or you can write your own after reading several times the articles you copied. If it’s not possible, just change few words from each sentence with the synonyms. Take care about the meaning of words. Because all the words found in synonyms may not have the same meanings. At least try to keep similarity.

04. Check Plagiarism

To make it unique content, check your edited article with Plagiarism test. If you find that your content is showing 100% unique then you did well. But remember, your own written content may not show 100% unique, because of somebody may have written on that topic before you. So, at least 90% or 95% is enough to publish in the web. But always try to make it 100% unique.

Now where you’ll find this Plagiarism tool? Click here to find it and check plagiarism to ensure the standard of content. Plagiarism test will ensure your content quality and avoid copying. You should not use any content less than 90% of plagiarism test or copy score.

I personally never use less than 95%. You can do this test with free software small SEO tools.

Just copy your content and paste in the box of the provider. Then complete the security check and press on check plagiarism. It’ll start and need few minutes based on the number of words in your contents. Remember, you can’t check more than 1500 words at a time with this free tools.

05. Practice with patience

Remember, practice makes a man perfect. Practice in the same way as I described above. After few months you’ll become a good writer. When you become a writer you’ll learn many things by this time. I am also doing the same thing and make 4 websites till today which you’ll find in Site Index of this website. But at the beginning I was a raw handed like you.

06. Publish your Content/Article

Make a website at free in blogger (a free website of google) using this keyword(s). If this keyword is not available just put some number like 1, 2 or 3 at the end of the keyword you intend to make website. To signup with blogger you must have gmail account, because blogger and gmail both are Google properties. Sign into using your gmail user name and password and the go to blogger site. Click here to find Blogger website. Save it (Bookmark) in your browser for next time login.

For beginner Blogger is good for rough practicing. Purchased domain and hosting will fell you in trouble while you make a mall operation. So, I recommend you to practice in Blogger site or Both are free domain and hosting services. When you feel full confident then buy your own domain and hosting service from any reputed company.

07. Buy a domain to make website

You can buy a domain from godaddy or similar website. After buy your domain you need C-panel and hosting from same provider or separately. All these three you can buy from Godaddy also. While register your domain with the keyword as above use the same technique if not available the keyword you interested. Finally you have to choose which platform you want to publish. Word press is the best platform. Blue host is famous for hosting service. So, I recommend you for wordpress and blue host for normal website. For premium website you’ll learn more later on.

How To Make Money Online With Google AdSense Account?

Make Money Online With Google: Writing articles or content and publish in free or paid websites will not bring any money until you have Accounts with Advertising companies like Google, Infolinks, Media Net etc. For getting this account you have to register with them and submit your website. They will evaluate your websites and approve if comply with their terms and condition. If your websites are not as per their Standards, they will refuse or approve the good one and refuse the others. The rules and regulations are not same for all advertising companies. Learn more, How to make money online with google adsense account.

How to get Adsense account to make money?

Remember, Google AdSense is the best one and the most popular Advertising company in all over the world. To get approval and maintain this account is also not so easy. But you have to try to get adsense account at first and then try for others. While you apply for approval, submit your best website to them and if they approve it you can use this account for other websites also.

For other advertising companies you have to get approval for each website separately. For getting approval you should well prepare your website and check closely and read Google AdSense terms and conditions, requirements, what they want and so on.

As I stated before that this is the best advertising network till today for earning online from content marketing or publishing articles. They pay better than all other networks and you should follow their guidelines to get approval.

Apply for AdSense account

After getting enough visitors in your website you can apply for Google Adsense account.  This traffic range is varying from country to country. For USA publishers, getting approval is easier than others. Publishers from other countries need more traffic to get approval and publishers from third world-country, traffic should be more than 10 thousands per month. Day by day competition is going up, so traffic limit for approval is also rising.  For some countries like Pakistan, Adsense account is prohibited. Click here to find the signup page.

After applying for Google Adsense account they will take few hours or days to inform their opinion. They will either approve it or deny with a statement of probable reasons for rejection.

After getting Adsense account what’ll you do?

If you get preliminary approval you have to create adcode and apply in your website to display ads. For each page you can display 3 Text Ads, 3 Link Ads and 2 Search ads. For beginners I recommend only 3 text ads to try.

If you get the final approval the google ads will display in your website. You’ll see blank space until getting final approval. After few hours or days they will inform their opinion on final approval or reasons of rejection. If they reject, then correct your website as per their recommendation and re-submit your application while you feel confident.

How to create Adcode

At first, Click here to login to your adsense account.  AT the upper left corner you’ll find SIGNIN. Click on the SIGNIN. They’ll ask your email address and password that you used while register for AdSense account. After signin you’ll find a Deshboard. In the Deshboard upper side, first Tab is Home, and second Tab is My Ads. Click on my Ads Tab. Click on +New Ad Unit. In the name box, give a name of ad unit as you like. It could be anything. Select any one from recommended ad sizes. Select Ad Type as Text and Display Ads. Then save and get code. This code is looks like below:

<script async src=”//”></script>

<!– Header Neon Color Background –>

<ins class=”adsbygoogle”


     data-ad-client=”ca-pub-your publisher id number“



(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


Copy the code and keep it in your WordPress file with a name that is easy to find it later. The same code you can put in the various location of your website or in multiple websites. For each Ad size you need to create adcode.  Usually I recommend 3 text ads, such as: 728×90, 336×280 and 250×250. For link ad I recommend only 200×90.

These are based on my experience with adsense account. Finally to make it easier to apply adcode you can install AdSense plugin from wordpress free plugin options. You’ll find several Adsense plugin there and install one as you like. This plugin will enable you to put Ads inside in your content.

Now your Adsense account is ready and you have published your contents. But if there is no sufficient visitors in your website you can’t earn a handsome amount of money. So, you need visitors. Simply I can say  your adsense income is very much dependable on the number of visitors including other factors. In other words, the more visitors means more money in your pocket.

Other considerable factors are traffic quality, key word, website quality, location of visitors etc. If a visitor click on a link from USA, you may get $2.00 while from India only $0.02.

More visitors means more clicks and you will get paid for each click including number of visitors (impression). For only visitors or impression you’ll not get paid that much and clicks will bring more money. Now you think how to increase visitors in your website. I can give you some tips that 4 things are very useful to increase traffic or visitors in your website.

  1. Good content or unique content
  2. Better SEO
  3. Social Media Networking – Posting on Forum, Social networking sites like Google +, facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.
  4. Content Marketing – Advertisement in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Adwords and so on.

From the above, point 1 and 2 will give you natural visitors (organic traffic) which is very important and high click rate will come from there. But only these above 2 ways are not enough to earn handsome money in most of the cases. So, you need social networking and content marketing. From social networking click rate will be less than No. 1 & 2. But if you can’t get enough visitors naturally you have to do it obviously.

Who are expert in this field they are making money with advertising also. Usually they are big companies and they calculate the unit cost and conversion rate before advertising. I can’t recommend it for you and or similar persons.

For content marketing you should have enough knowledge and expertise to gain the benefits. Otherwise your income will be less than advertising cost. At first you can try with some small amount and gradually increase based on the income rising. For this content marketing strategy I shall write a separate article.

You can try to get maximum clicks on ads to maximize your revenue. Usually this click will be 1%-2% of total visitors. For each click you’ll get money which range from $0.05 to $10 depending on the location visitors and type of publishers. Definitely premium publishers will get more than that.

Moreover, you’ll be paid for visitors even without any click but this rate is not so high. You can expect $2 for 1000 page view. You may think this amount is very poor. But believe me, some people are earning more than $100,000 per month. Maximum publishers are earning from $20 to $2000 per month.


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