How To Make Money on YouTube Video Uploading? (404)

Make Money on YouTube Video: There are several ways to make money online. You can’t try all of the ways, and nobody can do so.  Select only few sites and invest your time and money to reach your goal.  Here I shall explain you how to make money on youtube videos uploading.  Your earning will come from world famous, and the most popular Google Adsense advertising platform. There are some special techniques to earn from youtube. At the end of this article you’ll find some secret suggestion to make money from youtube.

I recommend you to make some notes and Bookmark this page to read at your ease. If you are a beginner Read carefully, otherwise it’ll be difficult for you to understand and follow what I say.  For experienced publishers the tips and techniques will help to earn money from youtube video uploading more than usual.

How to make money on youtube videos?

Remember, once it was very easy to earn money from youtube, but now it is not like before. Youtube makes very strong rules to monetize with google Adsense from which you’ll earn money. Now the requirement is at least 4000 watch hour and 1000 subscribers should have in your channel in last 12 months and then they will review your site for approval.

You will get some interesting information that you can remember long time and use in future for long time.  This tutorial blog will lead you thorough the whole process from top to bottom, showing you exactly how you can create Youtube account and use You Tube’s traffic to make thousands of dollars per month.

How To Make Money on YouTube Video Uploading?
How To Make Money on YouTube Video Uploading?

Note: At the end of this tutorial we’ll provide you a list of the best video niches to use for maximizing traffic. You will get this list of video niches that usually get the highest number of views naturally on You Tube. And the best ideas on products and offers that you can market with your videos which appeal the audience to your niche. Remember, this free materials you’ll find at the end will help you to make money from You Tube.

Don’t upload all of your videos of different categories in the same user name. Because if something goes wrong then google will disable your all videos. So, use one Account for each category of video to upload. After login to the user name create a Brand Name to upload video. Brand name should be related to your topic of video.

How To Create Accounts On Google For Uploading Videos?

You know that YouTube is offered by Google, become very sensitive while registering for new accounts. This is due to marketers opening too much accounts exclusively to upload videos for making more money. Vast traffic of YouTube attracts marketers. So you need to open YouTube accounts with some special techniques to escape from google’s tracking. Follow my instructions while opening YouTube accounts:

  1. For each YouTube account you need login separately. Be sure that you have sign out from all google accounts prior to sing in for new account.
  2. After logged out from all of your google accounts you need to clear all cookies and caches on your browser to remove all tracking data. To do this you can use CCleaner, a free software available in website or Click here to get it and run before signing for new account. It’s the best and safest way to clear tracking data as you may forget something if you do it manually.
  3. Now you are fully prepared to register a new YouTube account following the above method using whatever username you’ld like.
  4. While you try to register with YouTube they’ll ask you to verify your account by any phone number. What’ll you do now for phone verification? You can use some extra sim in your mobile if possible or we have a good solution for it. You can use Pinger or similar software and setup a free phone number to get text messages from YouTube. You’ll receive a code number from YouTube in Pinger inbox which you’ve to put in youtube account, that is all. You have now fully verified YouTube account.

Video create

Remember, never download and copy a video that are already branded with some one’s links. Doing such can cause a copyright breach. We’ll use some other and effective method. Use a software named Article Video Robot to enable you to take any article from the internet and then copy-past into Article Video Robot and turns it to video of your choice with voices thorough out the video.  Also you can add pictures and graphics effects on each video. Moreover, they allow 14 days free trial.

Uploading video

Now keep in mind that you have to upload videos as much as possible intend to keep live your YouTube accounts long time avoiding disabled by google. Because it’s unlikely that google’ll disable your all accounts within a short period of time.

Sometimes they can kill your accounts if you’re unlucky, but if you follow our instructions and select the most popular niche from the list given at the end of this tutorial, you can get huge visitors before they disable your account and hence earn large amount of money.

Now let us assume you have 5 categories of videos created and ready to upload. The fast and easiest way to upload videos is YouTube mass uploading tool. When uploading you may go through each & every video to add Title and Description with them. Or upload each video separately without mass uploading tool.

  • Attractive Title – Use attractive title to grab attention of your visitors. For example, you’re uploading a fighting video. The title could be (a) Fighting of Two Guys, (b) Watch How the Two Guys Fighting, (c) One Of The Most Savage Knock Outs For Ever! The third Title is more attractive than (a) and (b) and more likely to get more visitors. Search in TouTube site with your similar keyword. While find an eye catching title with large view counts, simply copy the title and add in your videos.
  • Thumbnail: Choose an attractive image as thumbnail while uploading video from the three options provide by YouTube. For a good standing video, Youtube also give you custom thumbnail option to choose from your computer. If you’re not happy with Youtube options, Select an eye catching image from computer as thumbnail related to your video.
  • Description: Write a description of 200 words with keywords related to your video. The first text should be linked to your website with call to action like, Read more: How to make money on Youtube.
  • Keywords: The rest part of description is just to stuff it with keywords. The keywords may be, How to make money, Make money online, Make money from home etc. But avoid over stuff of keywords that can make your video down rank on google
  • Keyword in the Tags:
    Include the main keyword (online survey) and secondary keyword (make money with online survey) in the tags. Secondary keywords or similar keywords should be added as much as possible.

Now we will decide which product to promote in our videos. Any high paying commission product will be out perfect product. Instead of free offer, we’ll try to convince our visitors to buy this product, explain its benefit and show them that its price far more less than the benefits obtained from this product.

How to make Website?

Here you need website and if you don’t have already, try to get your Domain from GoDaddy and hosting from Bluehost or similar websites. We hope now you know how to create a website.

Squeeze page is the best plan for this method. If you’re not familiar with squeeze page, think it’s just a page where a video or some sales copy with an email opt in form. If you’re unable to build a suqeeze page, we recommend you to Click Here & buy a Sueeze Theme. No need any coding skill to customize it, you can do it only with few click on buttons.

For the opt in form, you’ll need an opt in mailer program. We suggest Aweber which has the easiest interfaces. That’ll help you to schedule emails . Click here to get it first month only for $1. When your visitors click the link in video and enter the Squeeze page, you have ready either an attractive sales video or sales copy. These are to encourage them to subscribe your email list. Always try to offer some free incentives to make them happy to sign up.

This Aweber list is your asset to promote your product now and in future until they unsubscribe from your list. Definitely, you’ll get better conversion rates that enable you to make money long time.


A lot of profit you can make by promoting the previous types of offers or freebie offers. But I encourage you to stick with higher ticket items to get maximum return on your invested time. A list of popular and reliable websites is given below to find your higher ticket products for promoting in your website.

  1. MaxBounty – A lot of higher ticket offers are available here that convert really well. Join their, login and search the inventory to find your favorite product for promoting.
  2. Share A Sale/LinkShare – Same as MaxBounty where you can receive CPA payment or percentage commission on customers spending.
  3. MarketHealth – Lots of health beauty related products they have to promote in your website and you’ll get a very well converting rate. You can choose any of the above.

Keywords research

While you want to promote a product you’ll need an in-depth keyword research. Market Samurai is very trendy for this purpose. I am not doing any affiliate marketing for this product but I know that many people use this tool. You can also use another tool if you know. You can get it to download as free trial.

Remember, just picking a keyword with highest search volume is not always the best. You have to keep in mind who are going to buy your product. Find some buying keyword related to your website. One of my website is Honey Bee. So, Package Bee, Beekeeping supplies, Royal Jelly, Bee pollen, or other honey bee products are buying keywords. Your selected buying keywords should have good volume of search. For each keyword you should make a video.

Do a Google search with your selected keywords. If you find that in the front page of search result there is already video(s), this is good for you. Rest part of this tutorial will help you to rank your video(s) on front page on Google search and overtake the previous videos.

By following this method, you’ll have the advantage of getting huge search traffic from youtube. While you complete your keyword research with Market Samurai or other and pick some high volume of search for buying keywords, you are fully prepared to start making videos.

The username should be same as your keywords. For example, if your key word is How To Make Money On YouTube, then you should try to get the username – HowToMakeMoneyOnYouTube. If it’s not possible then use some number like HowToMakeMoneyOnYouTube7 and change the number untill it’s available.

Video promotion

It’s the most important part of this method. It’s assumed that you have uploaded videos and live in youtube. Now these videos should be in first page of Google search and youtube for your keywords. How to do it?

This involves SEO techniques to rank in Youtube. For this moment forget about ranking in Google search.

What are required for ranking videos in YouTube:

  1. More views to your YouTube video
  2. More likes and comments on your videos.
  3. More subscribers to your channel via your video

Above all of these things you can do by yourself but you need to employ enough time. The easiest way is to use some specific software. As I know Tube Assist is the best of them by which you can increase views, likes, comments, and subscribers. This method is called Auto pilot with Tube Assist.

It’ll allow you to send and share videos among other YouTube users. This software is also you can get as free trial. That is all about ranking your videos in YouTube. Now you need it to rank in Google. Since your videos are in first page of YouTube, you just need to continue building backlinks to your videos. While you have them then your videos will come in the first page of Google search also.

Here is also you can get the help from software like Ultimate Demon and Senuke XCr. By using this software you can save enough time for building backlinks. This will also help the videos to climb in search engine instantly.

Now your video will earn from Google Adsense account if you monetize with adsense and also from product sales by your website and videos. But you should know how to monetize with google adsense account.

Free Bonus offer – Secret of getting traffic

There are some specific keywords for videos to get natural traffic easily. These are:

(01). Body building

(02). Blood sport

(03). SuperCars

(04). Sexy Women

(05). Music Videos






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