How Hot Dogs are Made: Real Story of Hot Dog! (502)

How Hot Dogs are Made: Find here the real story of hot dogs from the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. There are many many tall stories we found on how hot dogs are made. But the most reliable and real story is in the video below. You’ll find the information from beginning to the end of hot dog preparation, ingredients mixture and packaging for serving. Read and learn more: How Hot Dogs are Made – Real Story of Hot Dog.

How Hot Dogs are Made: Real Story of Hot Dog

Buy special trimmings of beef and or pork from any grocery shop as you usually buy. Then cut or ground it into small pieces and place in mixture. Remember, for poultry hot dogs poultry trimmings are used. If you want to learn more about the ingredients of hot dogs, check out here: A Guide to Common Ingredients in Hot Dogs.

Watch Video: How Hot Dogs are Made: Real Story of Hot Dog


Ingredients & equipment

Use stainless steel high speed choppers for blending the meat; ice chips, spices, and curing ingredients put into an emulsion or batter. Maintain proper balance of all ingredients and to assure it, continuously weigh the mixture. Then pump the mixture into an automatic stuff or linker machine and it flows into casings. You can use the most popular Cellulose casings and remove later on. If natural casings are used it remains on the wiener while eating.  Filled casings are linked into long strands of hot dogs and then move to smokehouse. Under a specific temperature and humidity they are cooked there. For added color and flavor hardwood smoke can be used.

After complete the smoke and cook cycle, hot dogs are showered in cool water. If cellulose casings are used then they are sent to an automatic peeler to stripe away the cellulose skin. You’ll get the exact size and weight of hot dogs. To protect the freshness and flavor of hot dogs they are vacuum sealed in plastic films.

Ingredient statement of each package lists everything goes into the product. If variety meats are used the package will clearly state. Nutrition labels including calories and nutrients per serving are also given on the package. Now it’s ready for serving and boxed for delivery on the truck. The whole process is carefully inspected and regulated by the US Department of Agriculture for wholesomeness and maintain strict federal standards. A refrigerated truck is used to deliver hot dogs.


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