Credit Rating, Accounting, Auditing, & Income Tax Advisory Service. (429)

Credit Rating Agencies: All of our banks are governed by Bangladesh Bank and follow the roles and regulations applied and changed time to time. Bangladesh Bank noticed to all Banks, prior to sanction any loan they should complete Credit Rating for that clients. That will ensure to keep bankruptcy at minimum level and reduce defaulters. Credit Rating service started in Bangladesh in 2002 to help all banks for sanctioning loans only for eligible clients those who are capable to refund the loan including chargeable interest.

So, the banks can decide which clients to pay the loan and ultimately help them to serve better.

Unpaid loans are a big problem for banks that issued the loan, for Bangladesh Bank and finally negatively impacts on the national economy of the country. So, Bangladesh Bank is trying to reduce this problem and credit rating is the only service that can help in this regard. CRISL (Credit Rating & Information Service Ltd.) was the first company that started in our country to provide this rating service and received a lot of thanks and honor from various organizations and government agencies.

Credit Rating, Accounting, Auditing, & Income Tax Advisory Service.
Credit Rating, Accounting, Auditing, & Income Tax Advisory Service.

This service includes Audit of Accounts and evaluation of financial strength of the company.  The company itself also get benefit from this service as they can understand their status and take the decision accordingly to make it better. Currently there are 4 companies providing this service and CRISL is the first and best above all. Banks from where you are trying to get loan, they recommend CRISL to get this service and CRISL report they consider at first. If you think you need this service, we are here to help you. For more information, contact to the name and address below:

Credit Rating, Accounting, Auditing, & Income Tax Advisory Service.
Credit Rating, Accounting, Auditing, & Income Tax Advisory Service.


We also offer Accounting services like Preparation of Financial Statements, Profit & Loss accounts, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Asset Valuation, and many more as per the requirement of a company. We have qualified Chartered Accountants to check, verify and sign on your statements or documents. Keep your all accounting works to our shoulder and we know how to do it.


If you need to Audit your Accounts as per IAS (International Accounting Standards) or BAS (Bangladesh Accounting Standards) or both and comply with GAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) we have expert people to do it. Even if you need to submit your documents to Bank or Income Tax Layer we can do it with necessary fabrication.

Income Tax Advisory Service:

If you need to prepare and submit Income Tax Return and assessment of income tax for individual or company we are here to help you. For details information you can contact with us. All services are provided with the payment of fee based on volume of work, size of profile or organization, and other circumstances. All papers are checked and signed by qualified Chartered Accountants.

Contact Address:

Md Shamsul Arafin

House#26, Nakshi Building, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tel: 8801715660905, 8801792162120






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