Business Travel, Eco-Tourism & How to Stay Free at Hotel? 7 Wonders of the world! (427)

Business Travel, Eco-Tourism & How to Stay Free at Hotel? If someone becomes interested to stay free at hotel he should know the procedure of “How to stay free at hotels”.  While you are seeking to gain a free night’s stay at a hotel, remember the adage as if you don’t demand, you don’t get. No mother gives milk until her child cry.  Usually hotels don’t practice of allowing free accommodation, but it’s still possible to find a cost less room. Find here how to get a free accommodation.

Tips for How to Stay Free at Hotels

Tourism is strongly related with hotels and tourism without hotel can’t be imagined.  Accommodation in a good hotel makes your tour more comfortable, cheerful and enjoyable.  You may use travel guide or search online regarding the available hotels in your destination.
You may search the hotels as your financial solvency or based on how much you can afford; 3 star, 5 star or luxurious whatever you like.  You may find some green or eco-hotel and there could be some free offers also.

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Advantages of Club Memberships and instructions for how to stay free at hotel

  1. You may contact the hotel chain for rewards club membership by staying at a hotel or telephoning customer services or visiting the website.
  2. Submit your details as requested by the hotel chain. They may require your contact information and room preferences.
  3. Try to book the hotel where you have a rewards membership and continue to book hotels with the same hotel chain until you have earned enough points to get benefit of staying free nights. Enter the details of your membership each time you make a booking.
  4. You may find a casino hotel in your destination using a casino-finder website or a telephone directory. Visit tourism websites in states that have legalized gambling and look through the selection of casino accommodations facility.

Casino Hotels

  1. Try to play few of the games if you don’t like to gamble much or spent much money. Make yourself visible on the gaming floor as a customer just to show them you are playing either slots or table games.
  2. Close your gaming session, tip your dealers and ask a concierge to point you towards the main reception desk. Ask them if they can help you with any bags you are carrying this helps add to your visibility. Ask the receptionist if they are able to provide you with a free room as many casino hotels make up to one third of their rooms available free of charge to reward gamblers.  They offer a free stay to casino staff by simply ask for rooms while others are bordered on.
  3. Hotel guests who have already paid for their rooms can still get a free night’s stay if they have a proper cause for complaint about the services offered.  Register a complaint with the reception desk if you have an actual cause to complain.

Tips & Warnings

1.  Note that some casinos operate a rewards card membership program similar to those offered by hotels.  But problem for those who don’t like gamble as the more money you gamble the more points you accrue, which can be used to earn a free night’s stay.

2.  Remember, if you take out more than one hotel rewards club membership and stay at different hotel chains when you travel, it will take you longer to accrue points and

Eco-tourism or sustainable tourism

Find here the meaning of sustainable tourism.  Also we attempt to give some short description regarding “Communication in tourism technology, Economic factors in the tourism sector, How to design tourist posters, Positive and negative effects of tourism, and Tourism Vs. eco-tourism.

1. Eco-tourism or sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is to create a small effect on the environment and respect for the local culture and local employment.  The environmental problems which have become a source of growing concern and widening the gap of poverty between developed and developing countries, sustainable tourism offers a way to see the world and make a difference.

2.     Communication in tourism technology

With the explosion of technological progress in mid – to late 20th century, found increased access to a growing range of tourist destinations.  Communications technology continues to promote destinations and to draw the attention of the travelers to enable booking online and collect payments, with a significant impact on the industry of travel and tourism in General.

3.     Economic factors in the tourism sector

Generally, support activities that attract tourists in the region of Tourism.  Special events such as festivals, exhibitions and concerts attracting tourists, and they usually spend money during their visit to the tourist region.  So, tourism greatly influences the economic development.

4.     How to design tourist posters

Tourism is one of the most important industries in the world.  Travelers are visiting other countries to explore new cultures and eat different cuisines and see the historical and religious sites directly.  Well designed poster of tourism should encourage people to think about all these activities in a place that they could not have thought of before.

5.     Blog Careers in Tourism

Should you love writing, traveling then working as a blogger in Tourism may be your dream job.  You can travel to different destinations – or check the unique attractions in one language – and write about your experiences. You can start this blog blogger aspiration of tourism and hope for the public online and earn money by advertising.  Alternatively, you can search for articles blog with local governments or cruises.

6.     Tourism and eco-tourism

Tourism and eco-tourism have much in common, as well as some differences are decided.  All travel groups working toward the common goal encouraging the enjoyment of visitors and earn money for the destination.  The fundamental difference between traditional travel and eco-tourism is the earth friend focused to the eco-tourism.

Finally we like to say that Sustainable tourism is having lesser impact on the environment and respect the local culture and tradition of tourist region.  The environmental issues are main factors of sustainable tourism in all over the world.

Examples of Eco-tourism or green tourism

Green tourism, also called eco-tourism, is travel to places where the main attractions are environment and the local culture. Green tourism is also responsible travel, during which vacationers try to benefit the area’s economic development and protect the environment. Green tourism hotels generally strive to not only be comfortable places to stay, but to include educational elements and keep the maintenance of the hotel and accommodations as low-impact as possible. There are many eco-hotels located all over the world where guests can both have fun and learn something about their world.

Bird Island Lodge

  • Bird Island is part of the Seychelles Islands, an archipelago country located off the coast of of Africa. Seychelles is northeast of Madagascar, north of Mauritius and east of Zanzibar. The lodge is the only hotel on Bird Island and offers natural accommodations with no TVs, telephones or air conditioning. There is no swimming pool, either, as guests can swim any time they like on thebeach. If guests must contact the outside world, email, phones and fax are available in the office. Accommodations are made up of 24 individual chalets, each with its own king bed, shower room, private bathroom and patio. Bird Island Lodge has a restaurant and bar in the main hotel building, which serves local food using fresh ingredients. The hotel offers a vegetarian menu as well. Babysitting services can be arranged.

Bird Island Lodge

P.O. Box 1419

Victoria, Seychelles



The Hermitage Guest House

  • The Hermitage Guest House is located in the Western Ghats, a chain of hills located on the west coast of India in Karnataka. The area is know for its biodiversity, with many varieties of birds, animals and plants. Guests can hike, nature watch and explore the nearby villages. The guest house has three units and a recreation area, complete with barbecue pits, chairs and a dining area. Visitors can reserve the Kadaba, a traditional-style Indian home made of bamboo, mud and wood, which has no electricity and only cold running water. The Gota, a cottage made with recycled and red clay tiles, has hot and cold water. You can also rent the Macha, a home set off the ground on 11-foot supports, made of wood and bamboo. The macha is electricity-free as well. The guest house restaurant offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, made from natural herbs and spices and fresh ingredients.

The Hermitage Guest House

P.O. Box 23

Nersa Village

Khanapur Taluka

Belgaum Distrist

Karnataka, India 591302


Totoco Eco-Lodge

  • Totoco Eco-Lodge is set on a six-hectare property on Ometepe Island, overlooking the town of Balgue in Nicaragua. The lodge is part of a sustainable farm and economic development center. Totoco is made up of a main building and a series of private cottages and cabanas, each with bathrooms, shower facilities and laptop recharging facilities. The Checatl house sleeps four, the Tonatiu house sleeps three, and the Bamboo and Ometepeti cottages sleep two. Dorm beds are offered in the Maderas house. All accommodations use a water recycling system and an independent source of renewable energy. Guests can kayak, mountain climb, horseback ride, fish, hike or bike in the area. Meal plans, both meat-eating and vegetarian, can be purchased in advance.

Totoco Eco-Lodge

Aptdo. 23

Correso de Moyogalpa

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua



Effects or impacts of Tourism

This Article is explaining briefly all the matters like The effects of tourism on local ecosystems, how European tourism Changes in social and cultural, Disabled tourism, Code of conduct for tourism, Blog Careers in Tourism, and How to achieve CRM in tourism.

Tourism is not for only the enjoyment and experience of attractive sights, but also having an effect & consequence in the society.  An ideal tourist knows and studies about the impact and other matters regarding tourism. He should know what are the effects of tourism, that mean he/she should be aware of the economic effects of tourism, the negative effects of tourism, the environmental effects of tourism, the positive effects of tourism, the code of conduct for tourism etc.


1.  The effects of tourism on local ecosystems

For different forms of tourism it impacts Varied on ecosystems. Some create incentives for the conservation of nature, while others actively destroyed. Regardless, all require some growth of tourism infrastructure and the destruction of habitat.  All developing country like Bangladesh should pay more attention to tourism infrastructure for financial benefit. 

2. How European tourism Changes in social and cultural

Europe is obviously changing. The fall of the “iron curtain”, the growth and expansion of the European Union (EU) and the economic and widespread success of euro all combined to make Europe the world travel destination.  Travelers choose many attractive spots of Europe for their short or long tour. 

3. Disabled tourism

In year 2009, more than 500 million people were living with disabilities, in accordance with the “Central travel agent, an information source of travel agent.” Organization of the United Nations Committee on economic and social affairs for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) reports that tourism for people with disabilities has become a growing part of the travel industry.

4.     Code of conduct for tourism

The United Nation’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) considers the Organization of tourism (tourism) as one of the means to carry out the collective to provide opportunities for education and Exchange.  World Tourism Organization publishes a code of ethics, concerned to protect and promote these ideals, “maximize positive impacts on economic, social and cultural and so all by reducing adverse environmental and social impacts.  It represents the Code of the responsibilities of all participants in the exercise of ethical tourism.

5.     Positive and negative effects of tourism

Due to the size and strength and the impact of the tourism industry on local economies around the world, discussion on the positive and negative effects of tourism is more than a mental process.  But essential to the formulation of public policies for sustainable tourism is thought, taken into account in these effects.

6.     How to achieve CRM in tourism

CRM stands for customer relationship management.  Objective of CRM is to repeat the Affairs of all clients.  If it is good, you can also run customers CRM replication to the ground forces of marketers through the word of mouth marketing. In view of the strong competition and the cost of tourism, the CRM is necessary.
From this above article we get conscious idea about the effects or impacts of tourism on local ecosystems.  This article also covers the other matters like “how European tourism Changes in social and cultural, Disabled tourism, Code of conduct for tourism, Blog Careers in Tourism, and How to achieve CRM in tourism”.

Travel In Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

This list is now believed as seven wonders of the ancient world; all are in the Mediterranean region. It is the first and official list of seven wonders of the world.  But only one wonder still exists.  The name and pictures of seven wonders are given below:

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza,
  2. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus,
  3. The hanging gardens of Babylon,
  4. The tomb of Halicarnassus at Mausole,
  5. The statue of Zeus at Olympia,
  6. Colossus at Rhodes,
  7. Lighthouse at Alexandria

Should you plan to tours & travel in a holiday you may become interested to visit the seven wonders of the ancient world and their places.  If I can manage some spare time I shall visit the seven wonders at first.  Now a day, many tourist agencies start their package program to serve people for
tours & travel in all over the world.  The benefit of such package tours & travel is you no need to move or
search here and there to find out the location. They are well known about the routes and reach you the places at minimum time and cost.

 1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

The only survivor on the seven wonders of the ancient world list, the pyramid is the largest of the three
pyramids of Giza grouped together is now part of Cairo. This pyramid is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. This is a tomb for a pharaoh named Khufu.  Well that certainly, nobody knows how it took to build or how many men built it, estimates ranging from 14 000 to 360 000 in 20 years. The pyramid was the tallest building in the world up to 4 thousand years of its construction. Archaeologists believe the pyramid built around 2650 BC.

2.   The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

There was an ancient & Greek Temple of Artemis at Ephesus destroyed in 356 BC.  As per the record of historian Pliny it was 377 feet long and 180 feet wide. It is three times the size of the Parthenon,
which still exists and there are 127 ionic columns that support the structure and height of 60 feet.  It was Built during the Achaemenid dynasty of the Persian Empire.

This temple gave honor of the Greek goddess of hunting and nature. The temple was used as a place of
worship and market and includes many objects and statues.

3. The hanging gardens of Babylon

Today there is no evidence of existing of hanging gardens, situated in Al Hilla, Iraq. According
to Greek and not by the Babylonians, who were responsible for them, considered it as a men made mountain with high rising terraces, full of nothing but flowers and plants. A variety of hanging plants on each side of the terraces, giving the gardens in their name, was built by Nebuchadnezzar II and believed
to be destroyed by an earthquake in the first century BC; to keep the Garden alive and healthy the Greek impressed irrigation system.

4. The tomb of Halicarnassus at Mausole

Tomb of Halicarnassus Mausole was built in today’s Mausole, for the Persian King and his wife.
It was designed by Greek architects and was built in 353 BC.  It was highly decorated on outside by many bas-relief sculptures and statuary and survived until the 14th century, overcome by a series of earthquakes that destroyed its foundation.

5. The statue of Zeus at Olympia

This large statue of the “King of the gods” was decorated and impressive that the stories of Zeus himself, Built in about 450 BC.  The statue was 40 feet tall and was Zeus seated on the throne of Zeus, made by ivory accents and gold-plated. His throne was rice and inlaid jewels. And a statue of Nike (Goddess of victory) in the right hand  and scepter with Eagle at the top to the left. The temple was destroyed in the fifth century, but some scholars believe that the statue was shifted to Constantinople and was
destroyed in a fire.

6. Colossus at Rhodes

An enormous Statute that 100 feet tall, stood on the small Greek island of Rhodes, is called God Helios (the Sun God), built in about 280 BC.  HELIOS is the Patron God of Rhodes, and the statute commemorated a victory, defending itself against the invasion in 304 BC.  Visitors of Rhodes allowed the
statue published in port of claims on the pedestal. Unfortunately the statue lasted only 54 years. In 226 BC, it was destroyed by an earthquake.

7. Lighthouse at Alexandria

The lighthouse of Alexandria was supposed to be created for the island of Pharos as a  landmark
(point of reference).   At an altitude of 450 feet high and was built in the third century BC.  During the day, a mirror on the top reflects the light, and at night, a fire burned in its place. This fire was allegedly
seen 35 miles away. It was destroyed by 2 earthquakes in the13th century AD.  Its remains were obliterated in 1480 when a fort was built on the site.

There are so many beautiful places, greatest feature, popular tourist attraction in the world which are explained in other Articles.  Broadly defined, these places are important: culturally, naturally or as a combination of the two. The Peach State has a variety of attractions for tourists.  New York City is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The Europian countries are also become a tourist attraction.  But the seven wonders of the ancient world are extremely significant, memorable and historical touristic places.


Business Travel & Tourism in the USA


National and international tourists and travelers contribute to the development of “Tourism in USA”.  It is a land of several touristic places which attracts people of different nations and cultures regardless of religion. Find here the most popular touristic places in the USA.

  1. Tourism in Dominica

Dominica is an island in the Caribbean Sea, known as the intact nature.  And rare bird and animal life is incredible in Dominica.  Although the beaches are limited in Dominica, there is much to see and do, enough to enjoy.  Endless natural beauty is there.

  1. Tourism in the island of Barrow Colorado, Panama

Barrow Colorado Island is located in the Panama Canal and the area of 3707 – acres is the largest island in Lake Gatun. The site was designated as a biological reserve in 1923 by j.j. Morrow who was Governor of the area of the channel during that period.  And it is recognized worldwide as the most important field station to study Tropical Biology.  Smithsonian institution responsible for the maintenance of this facility, and tourism is limited.

  1. Tourism in Huntsville, Ontario

 Huntsville is located in the beautiful Muskoka at the Centre of the Ontario, Canada and is 15 minutes by car from “West gate of the Algonquin Provincial Park.” And Recently, Huntsville also hosted world leaders of the G8 (Group of eight) Summit.

  1. Tourism in the Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It has a population of approximately $ 6 million. Nicaragua Honduras to the North and Costa Rica to the South and the Pacific Ocean to the West and the sea of the Caribbean to the East of the border. Tourism has increased considerably in the last ten years, has become an economic factor important for the country. Each year more than 60,000 Americans visit the Nicaragua. Although most visit for commercial purposes, there is much to attract

  1. The tourism of the Trinidad sector

The two largest islands State of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad has much to offer tourists, including the golden beaches and the living culture. However, the tourism sector has waxed and decreased over the years, affected by the weakness of infrastructure and less wealthy than other countries of the Caribbean. Tobago has eclipsed even Trinidad somewhat, winning many total visitors of the State.

  1. Puerta Vallarta tourism

Puerto Vallarta is located on Banderas Bay which is situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  The Sea side city of Puerta Vallarta boasts the city overlooking, indoor and outdoor pleasures for US travelers. Same as Texas it is in the Central Time Zone.

7.  The Portage La Prairie tourism

Portage La Prairie is a Port City in Manitoba in Canada.  It is located between the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba, offers fun activities for tourists of all ages, whether it is camping or picking strawberries.

 8. Tourism Panama

Although Panama is a small country, it has many exciting adventures for tourists and travelers.  For rain forest raises to coffee plantations, beautiful handicrafts and explorations of the Canal, Panama is obviously enjoyable.


  1. Tourism Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the largest city and also capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is a Western Canadian prairie city and full of natural beauty and attractive scenery. For its many unique neighborhoods, historic structures and beautiful rivers and lovely parks, Winnipeg becomes a very interesting and attractive tourist destination.


  1. Tourism Stony Creek

Stony Creek is a residential area in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, located along the West coast of Lake Ontario.  Nature and historic sites and conservation area are main reasons of tourist attraction.


  1. Tourism suburban of Philadelphia

Although there are many things for tourists in the city of brotherly love, if you want further a few adventure, a suburban area of Philadelphia offers many attractions and activities to please tourists of all ages.  Removed from the bustle of the city, Suburban is little more quiet then the other city but still full of life.


  1. Tourist attractions in Jamaica

The Jamaica is more than music reggae and beaches, and what to do is heavily dependent on the place chose by the tourists to visit. Kingston offers more than Montego Bay as different opportunities, visits with hotel accommodation package also leave meaning visitors miss a large part of the country. The Jamaica offers many things and it will be difficult to create a definitive list of the main attractions. While planning a trip to Jamaica, it is preferable to use some reliable resources to plan according to the needs and special interests.

  1. Varadero tourism

Varadero, Cuba, a 12-mile peninsula in the province of Matanzas in Cuba in the Northwest, attracts visitors from around the world for excursions, water sports, eco-tours and night life.  It provides a lively resort, growing reputation as a destination for golf, budget and luxury accommodation and a variety of activities to satisfy all tastes.


Tips and Warning

Before starting travel for tourism in USA it is wise to check the list of all the places of tourism and select the best & suitable places.


Travel in Europe

If you like to travel in Europe, you should be aware of tourism places in Europe.  To get a list of tourist places in europe, you may read all of the three artices regarding Europe Tourism that are published by same author.  The other articles are “Tourist Attraction in Europe”, and “Tourism in Europe”.  Here we introduce some places for better selection of your tourism places.


  1. French lick and West Baden tourism,
  2. Osnabruck tourism,
  3. Rapid City tourism,
  4. Tourism sulmona,
  5. Noord-Netherlands-tourism,
  6. Anchorage tourism,
  7. Tourism in Tarragona, Spain
  8. Tourism in Czechoslovakia


  1. French lick and West Baden tourism

French lick and West Baden are small towns in the County of Orange in the South of Indiana.  While Indianapolis best known for tourists wishing to visit the State, there is much to do in these cities.

  1. Osnabruck tourism

Osnabruck is one of the major city  in Lower Saxony of Germany. It is a favorite tourist (spot) destination for people who visit the Germany that the city has a rich history and culture which can still be seen in some museums of centuries of contaminated structures.  Lower Saxony is one of the green areas in Germany and Osnabruck city is also famous for its attractive & beautiful natural scenery.

  1. Rapid City tourism

The industry of tourism of Rapid City, South Dakota, anchored in the half West of the State. The town offers breathtaking views of rapid Creek & Black Hills from  its downtown district area and also so many family friendly activities.

  1. Tourism sulmona

Although many tourists sail through Sulmona on whilwind transits through the Abruzzo region of Italy, travelers looking for a place with heart and history might choose this charming and colorful town set at the foot of the Maiella massif as a territorial basis.  The Centre of Sulmona  is alive with modern luxury living, advanced prosperity with its gothic architecture/nonmodern planning, and roots that go back further than the Romans and include prominent Latin poet Publius Ovidius Naso.

  1. Noord-Netherlands-tourism

Noord-Netherlands is in peninsula is a part of the Netherlands.  Many people visit the Netherlands for the capital city, Amsterdam, but Noord-Netherlands-can be an alternative destination and is a quiet retreat of urban hectic city life.  There are a few places that may be of interest to you when visiting or traveling to the Noord Netherlands.

  1. Anchorage tourism

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, population of which includes nearly half of the state of Alaska.  If exploring its exciting history or use the city as a gateway to the pristine Alaskan wilderness, Anchorage has many things to offer any traveler.

  1. Tourism in Tarragona, Spain

The charming city of Tarragona, Spain is located in the Mediterranean Sea, in the midst of Catalonia.  This charming region of Spain is the attractions of tourists for its hot sights, fine weather and wine.

  1. Tourism in Czechoslovakia

Tourism in the European region, formerly known as Czechoslovakia has increased dramatically since the “Velvet Divorce” in 1993, when the former Communist State divided into 2 independent countries, such as Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Prague is the capital of Czech and Bratislava is the capital of Slovak Republic.

London received 14.1 million visitors in 2009, according to the Report of World Tourism Organization.  For your recreation whenever you travel in Europe, select some places from the list above. Other places to visit in Europe as below:


  1. Tourism to Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  2. Tourism in Fatima-Partugal,
  3. Tourism Tourism in Davos, Switzerland,
  4. Tourism in Fatima, Portugal
  5. Tourism mikrnisia,
  6. The Rhine Valley Tourism,
  7. Tourism Tuscany,
  8. Tourism in friedrichshafen,
  9. Tourism Cuneo


  1. Amsterdam

 Amsterdam, the city of the Netherlands, largest and the most visited city is filled with famous museums around the world, including the Museum van Gogh, with the largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh in the world and the largest & historic city in Europe, the historical Interior and a large number of cafes and bars and open air markets.  Set on 160 artificial channels, a wonderful place to visit Amsterdam, no matter what time of the year.  Among the many other cultural aspects and societal facets, Amsterdam, is also known in a perspective open to smoking marijuana and prostitution and liberal causes in General.


  1. Tourism in Fatima, Portugal

Fatima is in the Western centre of the Portugal in the Leiria region.  According to the website of sacred sites and traditions of pilgrimage in the world, as in October 2010, Fatima is renowned for possess one of the most visited Marian shrines in the world.


  1. Tourism Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canals, tulips, art, cafes-Amsterdam has several facets, which makes it a tourist destination. The largest city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is still relatively low compared to other cities in Europe, but it is full of museums and other attractions that can keep visitors scheduled.


  1. Tourism in Davos, Switzerland

The ski resort of Davos located in the mountains of the “Swiss Alps”, is the highest in Europe.  Davos located in the Township of Grisons “in Switzerland, with a population of 12,000 inhabitants and develops tourism summer and winter each year, the resort is filled with travelers wishing to ski or to explore the nearby mountains, with a capacity of accommodation of  22 000.”

  1. Tourism mikrnisia

The Federated States of Micronesia is the territory of the United States with the tourist in grass industry, sandy beaches, the warm water and popular dive sites. Tourists take advantage of outdoor activities, archaeological sites, museums,  Micronesian authentic cuisine and the ability to interact with the indigenous peoples who speak English and local dialects.


  1. The Rhine Valley Tourism

The Rhine river flows from Switzerland to the Netherlands through Germany.  The Rhine Valley is scenic area, allow visitors to scan views of mountains and hills and the River if they become interested.


  1. Tourism Tuscany

It is the Heart of the Italy. Tuscany is located in the hills, surrounded by the mountains of the Apennines.  With its cities such as Florence, Pisa and Siena, attracting crowds of tourists, including cruise ships that stop for one day trips, focuses on the services industry, which is an important part of the tourism sector in the economy of Tuscany.


  1. Tourism in friedrichshafen

 Friedrichshafen is located on the southern border of the Germany, right next to Lake Constance from the Switzerland.  The town is famous for its Landscape of picturesque with old church, old fashioned German cafe, fishing boats, museums and beaches.  It may be more attraction is popular Zeppelin museum, as the Zeppelin was invented in the city itself.  Not all marks of courtesy during the visit of Friedrichshafen, a sub camp of Dachau, was located here to accommodate Jewish prisoners and others during the second world war.


  1. Tourism Cuneo

Recently, the border fortress of Cuneo, besieged, town nestled in the River Stura di-Demonte.  Like many other cities in the province of Granada, prospered during the Renaissance, Cuneo grew off the attractive city walls. Set in the town of the Maritime Alps of western Italy, the town is now famous for its pleasant streets, and the richness of the architecture of the Renaissance. Travelers come to visit historical sites and the charming atmosphere and explore the surrounding Alpine landscape.  They become pleased with the scenery of Cuneo.



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